Saturday, March 28, 2015

With All Due Respect

Oh sure, I haven't gotten in trouble for awhile. Life is not boring, but there is a certain...
I've denounced "Easter" often enough-that it is a pagan holiday which attempts to paper over (with pastel colors!) the true celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
A buffer overflow of eggs, chocolate, bunnies and the snooty paganistas who claim that WE co-opted THEIR Spring celebration by attempting to make it all about Jesus.
Keep Easter far from me, friends. It's all yours.
Ah. The image above. Churches will be filled to capacity next week with semi-perennials who bloom twice a year: Christmas and Easter. The other 50 Sundays (51 for Leap Year) are spent relaxing at home and watching sports.
As our friend Mac sang: "Go Your Own Way".

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Arret Lent Sleeve Vou Plaid

Won't need Babelfish to discern the meaning of the title of this lil' post-to be clear:
Drop Lent.
Of course, if you are of a religious persuasion that grooves on Lent and all, please, stop reading and go light a candle for me or something.
But those of us within the camp of Born again Christianity (shame that we have to specify that) Shroving Tuesdays, no giving up this or that on the assumption that God has called you to get Lenten. Don't get all Maundy, either.
Why not, Doug? Why the prude 'tude regarding Lent?
Same reason I stopped celebrating Christmas. We within the camp shouldn't be taking our spiritual cues/calendar from those OUTSIDE the camp. If they want to get Lenten, fine-still a free country. Pagans do as pagans do, and always feel that the Lent is due.
But We aren't pagans.
Nor Easter, either; instead simply celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. If you think that that IS what Easter is about, go light that candle.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Peace Possible

"7And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:7
This is one of the oft-memorized, shared and proclaimed promises of Scripture. Christians LOVE this verse, and it is as true as the One who promises Peace.
But the world wants no part of that precious Peace, and attempts to create/find/define their own.
Because the world hates God, and wants no part of any Peace He offers.
I've enjoyed that Peace for roughly (smoothly) 36 years.
It guards my heart and mind, by confirming that God is true, and that I am at Peace with Him, which is the only Peace that matters.
If you don't yet have that Peace, believe me: it is real, and possible. But only through Jesus Christ. Which may offend the world, but is LIFE for those whom He has saved.
Peace. Accept no substitutes.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hillary Does Email

"Thanks for coming over, Chelsea-I can't get the hang of this email thing, and I'm stuck."
"It's all right, Mom-let me see your screen."
"I clicked 'open' on the letter thingie I just keep clicking and clicking and clicking and..."
"Mom, that's a porn loop!"
"A porn loop? What's that?"
Chelsea held the power button until the screen went dark.
"Mom, you can't just click on stuff-you have to be careful!"
"I WAS careful! Look behind you-see? I closed the curtains so no spy droney thing
could see what I was doing."
"But that was a porn loop, Mother-your computer is probably infected with viruses!"
Hilary smiled.
"It's okay, dear. I have my own server machine installed, so no one will ever know."

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Transcendent Techs Part Deuce

This post strikes closer to the intent. Scotch-hop a link of this picture to your youngsters, texting explanation: the object in the forefront is a "BOOK", with no
'e-' or 'i-' prefix. Totally Analog. RAM-Random Access Memory accomplished by opening the "BOOK" to different pages collected in sub-folders referred to as Stories and Chapters.
This particular book was printed in 1882, 133 years ago. Transcendent tech-today's date
right next to it is applied automatically by my camera. We read both.
A few days ago I achieved surviving the anniversary of my life beginning (according to the ACLU): my birthday. It was very nice, and the crochet scarf behind the book was a gift from a dear friend. She and her husband invited me over for dinner, and it all made the birthday anniversary exceptional.
I show off the lovely scarf here as example of ancient technology still in use/warming us today. glasses. Those of us with impaired vision only have clarity due to glasses prescribed to our exact visual needs. The ancients-Caesar, Pontius Pilate, King Henry the Eighth, Don Cervantes...may have had good and interesting lives, but accepted a 'blurry world' as Reality.
OUR REALITY is clearer than theirs, and those of us impaired appreciate what we have.
Try walking around your house without your glasses for awhile, and you might appreciate it all more.
Transcendent Techs-we live in a melange of cultures/techs from all eras. Cool.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Transcendent Techs

Still here, and there simultaneously. Meaning that I am still posting at FDW/FerDW AND FB AND interacting w/humans in real life.
Looking at the date on the photo, I know that I was in Montreal, where my ship was in dry dock for four months starting just after Christmas 1977. technology has been around roughly 150 years. Napoleon might not have tried to conquer Russia if he had seen photos of it first. He was 30 years too early.
I'm kinda okay with Facebook, though I can't bring myself to repost much that I see.
Ooops! Just realized that I have gone beyond the attention span of FBers. 30

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dancing On Toothpicks, Or How i survived A Week On Facebook

Omy. The picture above was a postcard sent approximately a hundred and eight years ago, before the internet really caught on.
If you wanted to howdy someone, you wrote it on a card, applied a stamp, posted and waited a few weeks or a month for a reply. You know, like Internet Explorer.
Moving nearly three quarters of a century up this garden path, while looking for the original postcard to check the date, I found something else. Indeed.
Back in the darker ages of High School, some organization thought up the idea of students having "Pen Pals" from different countries.
My Pal was a Scottish girl named Ann, and I just found a letter she wrote in 1977.
Here's the funny thing-in 1978 I found myself somehow in Scotland, in Edinburgh...and I was able to find and speak with her on the phone. Surprised puts it lightly, but it was a nice conversation.
These electronic days? Kids have no wonder at the miracle of instant connections with everyone from their American Idol favorites to the 13th Earl of Hollandaise.
Facebook. I used to think of FDW as my solitary soapbox on the intrawebs-now the chaos chorus of a billion shouters and singers have joined me on theirs.
Some good, some bad, some?
I will keep at it for now. I might even have something of substance to share. Wait a month and we'll see.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Crazy Has A New Address

Well, maybe not Crazy, but Confused is leading the pack.
After researching the pros and cons, today I joined the 21st century and signed up for Facebook. Which is now probably going to go out of business.
It has been peaceful at FDW, but a few more humans might find their way here,  now that I admit to existing on social media.
So, welcome all, leap sideways, and absolutely no refunds after the blogpost has started.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cutting A Notch

Hope that the picture isn't too confusing-I can't recall if I've used it here before.
Not the easiest thing to do, get a double exposure on a Polaroid instant camera, but here we are. The ghost like figure facing the camera taught me about cutting a notch.
Cutting a notch makes so much sense that I'm surprised more people don't latch on it the idea, claiming it as their own.
Boston got a bit of snow in the past few weeks, and I imagine the sharper Bostonians know what I'm talking about.
I grew up in the country, and we had only a snowblower to keep the driveway clear. The hardest packed and deepest snow was at the end of the road, thanks to some slick yahoos driving County snowplows who seem to have an aversion to clear driveways. The also exhibited an affinity for knocking mailboxes. (Eventually the County got tired of mailbox complaints and set mailboxes that swivel out of the way when hit.) Anyway...
My Dad started cutting a notch in the snow for six feet ahead of the driveway.
Countyplows would push snow into the notch, and we'd still be able to get in and out of our driveway. Win/win.
I live in town now, and my 'driveway' only runs a good twelve feet, but I cut my notch just the same, and the City plows can't fence me in.  
Middle of February, and I've only run the snowblower a few times, as this Winter Boston stole all of our snow. I don't know which is worse for them:
seasonal SNOW or year around being so close to New York City.  I'd choose Snow.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Like Red On A Rose

Sometimes, it just is.
No deep/spiritual theorizing today. Just saw and like this picture.  Those in the know know that the title of this post is 'borrowed' from an Alan Jackson album produced by Alison Krauss, who knows a thing or two about beautiful music.
 Just enjoy.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Obama Finally Right About Somethings

"Christian conservatives furious after Obama says all religions have historically committed violence"

Screamed the headline. 

Not this  Christian conservative. I shrugged my shoulders and moved on to pictures of cute animals. 

But as the 'ginning up of the bases' begins ahead of the next election cycle, some Republican 'hopefuls' to replace President Obama are acting all self righteous and 'how dare he' about what he stated. Free speech, Rinos. He can say whatever he wants, and often does.

So, what President Obama said was true. If you're waiting for the "but..." I have a big one.

BUT... The word he used was 'religions'.

Religions. I've yammered on and on often enough for most readers (both of them) to understand my point. 

Christianity is not a religion. Religion is Man reaching up to discover/remake God and Heaven as Man determines them to be. See examples ranging from secular humanist to hard core Muslim, with Catholicism right in the middle. Christianity is God reaching down and revealing Himself through His WORD, Jesus Christ. 

President Obama stated: "
“And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ,".

Right again. In the name of Christ, not at the bidding of Christ.   

Jesus, the same Jesus who said, "Love your neighbor as yourself" also said, "Bless those who persecute you-bless and do not curse."  A lot of such good blessing was being done in the torture chambers of the Inquisition, but it was coming from the Christians being tortured by the Catholics. Read "Foxes Book of Martyrs" sometime.

So, the perps of the Inquisition and the Crusades? Catholics. Happens to be the religion of some of the self righteous Rinos now blasting President Obama for conflating their church's history with Islamic terrorism. They are trying to incite my religious indignation to defend their religion. Nopers.

So, has MY group ever done anything wrong? Individuals have, certainly. We are humans in every respect, and we often fail to do the right thing, whatever that happens to be. 

But as a group? Nothing rising to the level of genocide and religious bigotry and hatred advanced by Religions. 

Bottom line: If Salvation were available through Religion, then there would have been no need for Christ to come and redeem this fallen Creation. Any Buddah would do. 

But Jesus Christ, always and forever, is God on His terms, not on those imposed by religions.

Okay, I think it is funny for President Obama to accuse others of getting on a high horse, of not being humble. But the rest is true, too.



Monday, February 02, 2015

A Broken Clock Is Wrong 22 Hours a Day

1    “I loathe my own life;     I will give full vent to my complaint;     I will speak in the bitterness of my soul.
2    “I will say to God, ‘Do not condemn me;     Let me know why You contend with me." Job 10:1-2

To be VERY Clear right up front:
I love my life; this post is not in any way a cry of despair.
Job was having a tough time of it, though-his children wiped out, his fortune gone, covered with sores and without a single clue as to why God was allowing these things to happen to him, a faithful God fearing man.
'Let me know why You contend with me.'
Further along in the narrative we hear God's answer to Job, but right here in chapter 10 Job hasn't a clue.
That is how it is for all of God's children. We are protected, yes-safe for Eternity.
But in this present age, in this troubled world...God allows some pretty horrendous things to happen to His children. Such catastrophe arrive without warning. Even the 'best' Christians: ministers, missionaries and Sunday School teachers have no special protection because they are involved in "God's Work".
Some bad theology which crops up (Job also got an earful of this stuff from his friends) is that if bad things happen to Doug (me), it is proof that God must be chastising me (Doug) for secret sins.
Bad, bad theology-it ascribes cause and effect to God's workings, as if we muttonheads could possibly parse out the Whys of what God does.
Nope. While God does indeed chastise  me, the Why's belong only to God.
I don't usually share personal info here at FDW, but here is an example:
About three years ago I lost my job. Had been with the company 10 years, did good work, etc.
Was I being chastised? Purified? Tested? I have no idea.
The past three years have been tough, but through it all, I have learned more about the Grace of God than I could have if my life (which is His to do with as He sees fit) had been 'pain-free'.
After three years, I am back with the company, and my employment is more secure.
Job said, " The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away.     Blessed be the name of the LORD.".
In my case, the Lord gave me that job, took it away for His own reasons, and then put me back in that same place.
Blessed be the name of the LORD.
I mentioned that God answered Job later on.
That answer is covered in chapters 38-42 of the book of Job, and it brings some perspective, understanding...but we still know only in part, and must trust God for the Why's and Why Not's we will never comprehend.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Forth Coming Explanations

My last post might have caused querulous scratching of heads and puzzled looks, so this is a bit of an explainer, with hopefully clearer understanding.
My premise is that we are shaped by the events, good and bad, that happen to us in our lifetimes. We can be 'warped', as in turned, twisted from what we were to what we are. Sometimes the warping can cause us to Loop.
In the center of the picture on the last post is the image of a young woman whom I described in the comments as being 'half my age with twice my IQ' which may sound funny, but is pretty much true.
Without personal details, she (who will remain unnamed), by the are of 18 had already been 'warped' by the death of her father. It hurt her, changed her in some ways which are part of her still.
I have been warped also-for the last five years of his life, my father had progressively worsening dementia. My mother and I took care of him, shooting him with insulin, keeping him healthy, doing all of what goes with such a condition.
Yeah, it warped me. It was a relief when he died; what we didn't know was that my Mother would pass a few months later.
Moving away from personal experience, here's what I meant by the looping.
A person drinks alcohol to excess. Warp.
The alcoholism destroys his life, affects his family relationships, job performance, warping him until he's so twisted up that it is all he can do to survive another day.
He tries to stop drinking, but falls back into drinking time after time. Loop.
Loop. Loop.
Sometimes there are no happy endings.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Warp And The Loop

Mune. As in not im-mune.
Often here at FDW I point out the differences between Christians and everyone else-differing beliefs, world views
But we have common ground, as, according to Genesis, God formed us out of dirt. We ARE common ground.
We begin knowing nothing; the wisdom that we accumulate through our lives helps define who we are, opposed (usually) to who everyone else has become.
We clique together with those we share commonalities with.
One heartfelt commonality: we all want to do well, to make it through life with as few catastrophes as possible.
Not easy.
For some, impossible.
But we try.
Life events (which are Life) Warp us. Good events or bad, we are turned, bent, warped by what happens throughout our lives.
And sometimes the warp turns us so greatly that we Loop, going round and around the same old difficulties with the same tired results.
We all share that common-reality.
Mune. Muse. Hope.
As I've gotten older,  the loops are more infrequent, and the warping seems to have been sanded down (by Life. Again) to the point where I am straighter than I was, traveling a less convoluted road.
But I'm not immune to the warping and looping-none of us are.
But I got HERE, when and where I am in 2015 only by the Grace of God.
May He do for you what He is doing for me.