Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"He Is Not Mad At You"

"He Is Not Mad At You".
Looks like a positive statement, right?
It's been posted on the signboard of the local Christian radio station for months.
If we assume that "He" means God...
then it really is important to know who the "You" represents.
If the "You" means Christians, then I am fine with the sign-God is not mad at us.
But if this is a blanket statement, telling all who read it that
"He Is Not Mad At You"...
then that is bad humanist thinking masquerading as theological thought.
God is indeed at enmity with a sin-plagued humanity which is absolutely
filled with hatred/ at enmity with Him.
 "He Is Not Mad At You" is awfully close to the lie that God is too loving to send anyone
to hell.
God is loving, but also just, and hell will be full of people who have rejected His Grace, the atonement made available through Jesus Christ.
Bottom line: if you are not at peace with God, then God is not at peace with you.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Best News I've Heard All Week

Congrats to United Kingdom for throwing off the chains of the European Union!
Let the modern day King Georges of the E.U. get MAD...I don't care.
Sure, the U.S. stock markets dived down tremendously...just means that this is a
great time to invest, so buy! Buy! BUY!
President Obama had "WARNED" the U.K. that if they did choose to leave the E.U., they
would go "Back to the end of the line" regarding trade agreements with the U.S.
I'm assuming that President Obama's psychosis has degenerated into full blown Solipsism.
He may leave office in January right into the safe haven of a padded room. Visitors allowed every other Tuesday.
Back to the Good News-just as it is a bad idea to co-sign a loan for someone who has no financial discipline, the United Kingdom will no longer be tied to the loser Countries of that same stripe-Greece, are your ears burning?
May Germany follow the U.K. out of that amalgamation of despairs.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Competitive Presidentializing

The local rhubarb getting the vapors concerns 'fears' that Hilly or Trumpy would 'be the Worst President EVER!"
Hold on, Peanut.
Franky (Swifty) Pierce would be hard to beat.
A pro-Slavery Northerner whose own party decided to "go another direction" rather than support him for re-election.
Think about that.
We've had a couple of "one termers" in our lifetime, but to be so bad that your own party dumps you out of the Oval Office?
Relax on the "If ______ wins, we're DOOOOOOOMMMED!" jargon.
We've survived worse.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

How About A Little Truth For A Change?

Wednesday Night is FUN Night!
Thought this could be interactively interesting:
Okay, so most of us know at least a little bit about the comic goddess Wonder Woman.
Amongst her arsenal of crime fighting goodies is her Golden Lasso.
ANYONE encircled in that rope must fully obey WW and, when asked any question...
must tell the absolute truth!
Interactive time:
Wonder Woman is standing ready to rope and question any/all of the perps shown.
Pick one, ask your question, and also share the answer you think you would get.
Doug asks, "Hillary-who do you think will win in November?"
and the answer I expect, if she cannot lie, is "Trump".
Here's your opportunity-what Q would you ask Trump or the others if he or they had to answer truthfully?
There is no scorekeeping, because we are all winners. Have at it!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's Just Sad, Man

I like the show well enough. It's been on for years, and the formula is fine-two guys criss-cross the country, looking for gold amongst the accumulated dross of earlier generations.
The guys, Frank and Mike, generally meet two main types-characters who have collected stuff during their lifetime, who now need to sell, or those related to a character who has passed on who now have to deal with their stuff.
So, what is sad?
The characters. The collectors who have filled their lives with stuff. The stuff itself, some of which has some value.
I have known people who have filled their lives with STUFF. None of it fits in a coffin.
Many of the 'characters' yuk it up for the camera, 'colorful old coots' (of both genders) who attempt
to extract top dollar from Mike and Frank, as if getting 30 dollars more for a coffee grinder from 1923 will somehow make them "Winners".
Full disclosure: I have Stuff which I value, especially items handed down from my family.
But I know that I will leave it all behind someday. My treasure is waiting in Heaven, where thief cannot break in nor moth destroy.
Mike and Frank could go through my house in two minutes, and then ask, "Do you have any more stuff?"
Somewhat related is the "Gold conundrum".
Invest in GOLD! Make it part of your portfolio!
So...let's play. I buy $5000.00 worth of Gold. Put it in the secret little door upstairs at my house.
What can I do with the Gold? Keep it? Sell it? If I keep it, I have now taken $5000.00 of my wealth out of circulation. If I sell it, I may get my money back, but then why buy the Gold in the first place?
Also, Gold does funny things to people. It might even lead some knucklehead to break in to my house, looking for it. Many have killed for less valued possessions.
Bottom line: your life is not defined by the stuff you have. None of it has eternal value. None.
But there is better than gold wealth available to all who cherish their lives. Eternally.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Doug's Mid-terms

Rather than showing a ver' young Doug to kick this off, I was approx 19 when I took this picture of a statue cat in Bergen, Norway. Most of my life was ahead of me then.
Up at the top of a hill/park that same day I found another cat posing on top of a little boat.
Mid-terms now, partway through my life...and life is good. I have a good house, a good job, nearly no debt-all from the hand of God, Who takes care of His children.
I'm not bragging. Every time I would start with the brag, God would humble me a little harder.
No, it's not brag-I'm Grateful. On this side of Eternity, God meets our needs and sometimes blesses us with our wants, just because He loves us.
On the other side of Eternity, Blessings upon blessing upon blessings, more than we can comprehend.
One of them is no sin staining us anymore. Another is our fellowship with our Creator throughout
eternity. If you've ever wanted to live in a perfect world, with zero fear, or crime or heartbreak...that world is ahead of us, though we can't see it from our mid-terms.
God still saves sinners, and that is the most amazing thing that we can comprehend. 

Sunday, May 08, 2016

So Much For The World

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

The richest man in the world will be a pauper when he dies. Not a cent will
carry over into Eternity. Graveyard cold tears empty pockets BROKE.

In part, that's why the world rejects/ignores Christianity-who wants to hear that their entire
existence will end in bankruptcy? That ALL apart from God is meaningless?

The verse above about 'What shall it profit' was weighing me down-when I was on the cusp
of accepting Christ, that verse burned in me. I knew that losing my soul was a distinct possibility.

You may not want to hear it, but God is real, Jesus Christ is True, and your soul, your life, all that you treasure is in danger.  May God Bless you today.


Saturday, May 07, 2016

America Should Be More Like Baseball

Been said before, but it's my turn at bat:

In Baseball, skill and ability are respected, and a players race never trumps the team colors.
That is loyalty. Baseball must be and is color-blind.

In Baseball, the Judiciary (Umpires) are strict Constitutionalists-they can not make up their own laws OR decide which rules are 'right' or 'wrong', to be enforced or ignored. 

In Baseball, Owners and Players (Senate and House) work together to protect and defend Baseball.
Each side doesn't spend billions of dollars to frustrate 'the other' side. 

In Baseball, the Commissioner does his job so well that you don't even know his name. He doesn't
hold 'beer summits' to try to enforce his personal agenda. 

Baseball is doing much right-they have 100% employment, year after year. AND NO DEBT!

Friday, May 06, 2016

Never Trump Yourself, Buddy

This is a simple/sweet call out to all of y'all out there who signed a pledge: "NEVER TRUMP".
If you are moral enough to sign such a pledge, this shouldn't be too hard:
Stay home. Don't vote.
Keep true to your pledge and, if the Donald IS elected President, and does run again in 2020...
stay home then, too. Please.
Hold your head high, keep your powder dry...and stay home.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016


First, the last from my recent post:
"Here’s the funny thing in this election: The REPUBLICANS are running Donald Trump, as godless as any
Democrat, full of pride and known to accept many of the Democrat positions over the years. He does not ‘kowtow’ to anyone, most especially the Religionists on the Right. 
Perfect candidate for 2016."
What motivates your politics/vote?
Are you 'thrilled' with your presumptive choice, or is it more like "Yeah, my team stinks, but the other side is worse!"?
Is it LOVE for Hillary
Hate for Trump that moves you?
It it LOVE for Trump
Hate for Hillary?
Everyone's minds should be made up by now-both candidates have been in the public eye for decades.
The next shout up in our national giggle-fort: who will be the Veeps?
I could see Donald Trump picking his daughter Ivanka.
I joked a while ago that John Kasich would say "YES! YES! A Thousand times YES!" if Hillary
offered him the job. He definitely needs a job.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Happy TARGET Purchase Experience/Day

Curiosity guided me up to the local TARGET store today, to see what was if or up.
I often pass by that store on a Saturday, and usually the parking lot is packed solid.
It wasn't full today, but there were still a lot of cars there.
I went in and was surprised-no UNISEX bathrooms, same gender signs above each as always.
I bought $30.00 worth of stuff, because guess what? I needed it, and
I don't like the idea of "BOYCOTTING" a business. I didn't like it a few years ago when
Chik Fil A and Hobby Lobby were the Liberal ...um...targets.
I also don't like being TOLD that as a good Christian I should never vote for a godless
candidate like Trump.
I will vote.
And I will buy whatever. Wherever. Whenever.
I enjoyed a great day, capped by walking down to a park and watching a lake, a Great one.
By Grace, God sends rain down on the just and the unjust.
Today He sent a beautiful day.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We're Pinheads All

We share the same biology
Regardless of ideology.”

The truth, as in: “Ain’t it the…”
You don’t have to agree with me, but here is how I lay out the Lib vs Conservative conundrum.

Libs believe: Repubs are hypocrites, chained to the “Christian Hard Right”, having to kowtow to
Religionists in order to get elected.
Even if the Repubs are not religious themselves, they must cater to the beliefs of the hard liners…or get out of politics.
You see, it isn’t the Right that really ticks off the Left, it’s that Republicans play the Gospel game. According to Liberals, THAT is the longest running long con ever invented. Religion is the brainwashing of the public, chains of fear used to keep simple folk in line.
Religion is used to line the pockets of the powerful few at the expense of the ignorant masses.
Liberals KNOW that it must be hypocrisy, because (in general) they do not believe that there is a God, so the Republicans continue to perpetrate a farce to win power. Hypocrites!

Conservatives believe: Liberals are hypocrites, talking all of the time about benefiting the Common Man but the truth is simply that Liberals crave POWER, seek to rule over every component of the nation.
According to Conservatives, Liberals reason that, as there is no God, Man must pull himself by his own bootstraps, fix all of the World’s problems. There isn’t any God to whom Man can look for help.
So…it is a theological, not a political conundrum.

Here’s a test for you Bernie and Hilly supporters: if either (or both) candidates held a press conference tomorrow and declared that they have become Christian, actual born again (like the hard Right) Christians…would they lose your support?  Would their change of religion change your opinion of them?
Here’s the funny thing in this election: The REPUBLICANS are running Donald Trump, as godless as any
Democrat, full of pride and known to accept many of the Democrat positions over the years. He does not ‘kowtow’ to anyone, most especially the Religionists on the Right. Perfect candidate for 2016.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Targetting The Target

QUICK! Before another musical icon dies and sucks up all the internet, allow me to make nice regarding the TARGET Bathroom foofoufraw.
Attention all LIBERALS: Be warned that this is an ELECTION YEAR, and y'all have been lukewarm to the RACE so far.
So: be wary of ridiculous argu-fights being foisted on us all which are DESIGNED to get your Liberal juices flowing.
Last year you never heard a single whisper about trans gender bathroom choices.
Or don't-makes no never mind to me.
So, about the time that the picture above was taken, I was on board an icebreaker which dropped anchor next to a tiny town in Greenland.
Being a sailor, I went along with my mates to see the sights, which is sailor code for find all the bars.
Only one bar in the town.
I was an 18 year old know nothing in a strange land.
After a while I needed to use the bathroom and...only one bathroom. No lock on the door; not even sure that there WAS a door. Just a sign that said "Unisex Bathroom".
I cut my night short and made my way back to the ship.
I believe that the Target store decision may make things worse...for Target.
Trans-gender peoples must only be (guess and approximation) like .00000001 % of the population.
I don't like the idea of 'boycotting'.
If people boycott Target to the extent that the business begins to lose money and close stores...lots of employees who had nothing to do with the bathroom decision might lose their jobs.
My advice-pretend this whole mess never happened and go about your lives. Three months from now it won't even be an issue. Why get all angry about an issue which will soon go away?
As for you Liberals-come up with some substantive issues which we can discuss. It's an election year-surely there is something to talk about!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Not All Who Win

Hitler 'won' the right to commit cowardly suicide as his Reich failed.
Sorry, Mein Unhappy Kampfer, but you were not a winner.
President Obama has won two elections. A few decades from now we may know how History remembers him. To me, he is not a winner.
Trump. Loser, even if he wins the Presidency.
Winners? Millions, maybe billions of them-Life's Winners accept Christ, are accepted by Christ.
Live Forever at Peace with God and your fellow Mankind, which will be very kind, indeed.