Monday, September 29, 2014


Trust me, I am NOT bashing President Obama in this post, and it isn't a political post, at least not to me.
I was just visiting Rush Limbaugh's site-he has had an "Al Gore Doomsday Clock" counting down for years-I guess back when Gore thought that he was relevant he proclaimed some prophesy about whatever.
Seeing that clock made me wonder if anyone was counting down President Obama's time in office, and yes, of course I found one on the interwebs.
Here's why I'm posting:
Saturday, January 21st will be President Obama's first day as a former President. Whether you like/love/hate/ him, whatever you may think of him, that is going to be a life changing day.
Irregardless of your opinion of the job he's done, the Presidential responsibilities and burdens weigh down every man in the Oval Office. No one leaves that job unchanged.
I wish him well. America and the world have grown more troubled in the last eight years-I have no idea what the world will be like eight years from today.
On that date, September 29, 2022...whoever is President, I can guarantee that there will be
countdown clocks on the internet noting the number of days that he (or she) has left in office.
But for today: may God have mercy on the United States of America. We need it.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Reblogged: NIMBY OH PLEASE! NO!!!!!

To make the blurb a little easier to read I jacked the contrast in the first photo, where it says that a cop who shot a suspected beheader was also a company executive. Like that's the focus point, not the man who cut a woman's head off.
In the next photo you have to look a little closer, but somewhere on the page it does say, whisper it! (oklahoma beheading).
This happened Thursday. A man who had converted to Islam...cut off a woman's head and tried to kill others. In Oklahoma, NOT Syria.
As the Alphabet News Media hide their heads in the sand, alternative media, in this case
the Breitbart News Network names the suspect, shows him in Islamic garb and in a short headline tells us of  his connection to the Boston Marathon murderers.
In America. Our country. Islamic terrorism. More to come.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Found an amusing chunk of Latin the other day when reading from a brighter mind than mine-C. S. Lewis used the term "Odium Theologicum".
We see it all over the place, reverberating berations echoing hatred of God, hatred of theology, of those sharing true wisdom about the True God.
I am first and foremost a Christian. My identity is tied up with God, and that is wonderful for me, but is noxious for those who are not Christians.
"You can lie to yourself and say that it's not right
  to have to walk alone through the dark night
  But you never will admit that the Son rose
  And you've denied yourself the Light."  
Via, Veritas, Vita-Jesus said that He is the way, the truth, and the life,
and that no one comes to the Father except through Him.
If you hate Christianity, if Christians offend you...
ask yourself why.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Random Thoughts Saturday Edition

It's been too long since I played this little literary poker hand-but this is a fragmented existence left now, and the minor quibbles rearing up need some highlightment.
First, I'm multi-tasking this Saturday to beat the band. I have six more improbables to accomplish before I once more rest my weary.
Read a flyer from a Catholic college that is running a lecture series on "Religion". Four yammerers-care to guess? No?
An atheist.
Another atheist.
Finally, one more atheist followed by, in an effort to show balance...a liberal.
I laugh, and consider going to see the lectures, just for the freak value.
I need more freak in my life.
Halloween comes early this year, what with ISIL/ISIS trying to spook the world, and Repubs and Dems declaring the monstrosities present in the opposite camp.
I fear nothing and no one. What will happen will happen.
I resent the Repubs trying to 'scare me' as to what will happen if they don't win in November.
That ship has not just sailed but already sunk.
Personal note, allowable as this is my blog:
Right now I am a man without a church. I didn't leave it, it closed. We  few who were left
felt that God was closing the doors. So we were obedient. But it feels weird, unsettling, and I don't know where I will go to worship God. We were obedient. We ARE obedient. And
God will direct my steps.
End of personal note.
Scotland voted to remain in the United Kingdom. I've been to Edinburgh, and would love to visit there again now that I'm am older and more able to appreciate things/cultures/stuff.
I'm glad that Scotland voted to stay co-dependent. It's kind of like putting together a picture puzzle and finding pieces that go together perfectly. We need that in the world.
Changed my furnace filter the other day, my autumn ritual, and I have to get the house ready
for what comes next.  {shrugs} I hope I"M ready.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Frankie Sings To Choir

Perusing the interwebs-my action packed Saturday night-I see that Pope Francis has painted himself far out on the limb of political correctness by denouncing war as bad.
You tell 'em, Frankie! 
War IS bad. What the resurgent terrorists of the world have been doing lately, chopping off heads...very bad. Evil. Sin.
Here's the header from Yahoo News:"Pope says world's many conflicts amount to piecemeal World War Three".
You could make a case that there has only been one world war percolating through history since Cain slew Abel which will not end until Christ definitely ENDS IT.
What happens then?
All of Creation at Peace with our Creator. God communing with man. Man right with and properly worshiping God.
Until that day...Popes will denounce, terrorists will terror and much bad stuff will happen as Man continues to fight against Man and God.
Shimon Peres, former president of Israel stated recently that what the world needs to do to achieve Peace is to have a  "United Nations of Religion" so that killings will not continue in the assorted names of God.
Peres mused his moonbeam idea with...Pope Francis.
The United Nations of Religion? Because the original has been such a sparkling success?
I'm going back...back...way, way back to the 1960's and that great song by the Chi-Lites:
"There Will Never Be Any Peace Until God Is Sitting At The Conference Table"
"Men are runnin from land to land
Tryin to make things alright
Holding meeting after meeting, constantly reaching
For what they maybe thinking is right
Everybody has a plan
Aint that just a man
People cant you understand?
We gotta tell em
There will never be any peace
Until God is seated at the conference table
(Hes at the conference table)"

Thank you, Chi-Lites. You might better remember their songs "Oh Girl" and "Have You Seen Her?".

I am with Frankie and Shimon in wanting peace and denouncing terrorists. But of course, as both 'world leaders' are part of the world system which at war with God-THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!
Peace is achievable, one heart at a time, and it comes through the person of Jesus Christ.
Not through pagan Catholicism or any other religion. His sacrifice, His Rule, His way is the only Way.
If again someone clocks me for denouncing Catholicism, let me gently remind those someones that, according to Catholic doctrine, I am a heretic bound for hell with no hope of Salvation unless I join their team. 
I don't play nice with those who have a history of killing my brothers and sisters, torturing them to 'convince' them to convert. Catholics are no better than ISIS.
But as I said, Peace is achievable. I was made to be at Peace with God back in 1979, and I've been living in enemy territory since. What Christ did for me is available to all, including Catholics and Jews and Muslims who truly wish to be at Peace with God. 
May i see you in Heaven someday.  

Friday, September 12, 2014

As I Haven't Been In Enough Trouble Lately...


This is what we used to call going off on a tangent.
As Bill wrote: "that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet".
And here I sit trying to come up with a more palatable word to describe some persons
with whom I've been interacting.
I don't want to be unkind, but it is healthier to express frustration with wordages rather than sharp objects (such as my tongue when I get too riled up).
It's the ages old story: emotions color our lack of judgements, opinions and our assumptions and make things very much worse than they need be.
I will use the word found often in the book of Proverbs. Fool.
There! "FOOL" is my placeholder word, my 'safe synonym' so that I need not be unkind when mentioning the fools who allow their emotions to make fools of their fool selves. (This is easier than I thought!)
Recently some very foolish fools have invested muchly in invective, a fortune in misguided emotion being spent on two cents worth of situation.
I don't know why I didn't listen to my own preaching-I tried to REASON with a person who was EMOTIONAL. He wouldn't be swayed by my reasoning any more than I could be convinced by his emotional arguments/judgements/assumptions/foolishness.
I know better... but I don't always do better, which is a synonym for human.
Ah well. some people get upset over what has happened, as if by being upset they can somehow change the past.
The past is Iron, the present is Water, the future is Tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Fixed points At Right Angles

It has been brought to me afresh that there are only two 'families' in the world:
those which belong to God and those that belong to satan/the world.
Simplifying by image: imagine two escalators, one heading up and one heading down.
Some of those heading up call out to those on the down escalator:
"God can save you! You can come to Heaven with us! Cry out to God and He will save you!"
I said some, didn't I?
I wish I could say that all Christians evangelize. I wish I could say that about myself.
I have not done enough to reach the lost, those going to hell.
I'm ashamed of that, and I pray that God will forgive me.
You won't find many on the 'down elevator' evangelizing the saved, trying to get them to repent and join them in hell.
Because even the darkest heart knows what lies ahead. And wishes that things were different.
They can be different.
If God didn't love those that are on their way to hell, He would never have sent Christ to die
as their substitute.
If God didn't love those that are on their way to hell, Christians wouldn't be charged with sharing the Gospel-but they are and He does. Love.