Saturday, September 20, 2014

Random Thoughts Saturday Edition

It's been too long since I played this little literary poker hand-but this is a fragmented existence left now, and the minor quibbles rearing up need some highlightment.
First, I'm multi-tasking this Saturday to beat the band. I have six more improbables to accomplish before I once more rest my weary.
Read a flyer from a Catholic college that is running a lecture series on "Religion". Four yammerers-care to guess? No?
An atheist.
Another atheist.
Finally, one more atheist followed by, in an effort to show balance...a liberal.
I laugh, and consider going to see the lectures, just for the freak value.
I need more freak in my life.
Halloween comes early this year, what with ISIL/ISIS trying to spook the world, and Repubs and Dems declaring the monstrosities present in the opposite camp.
I fear nothing and no one. What will happen will happen.
I resent the Repubs trying to 'scare me' as to what will happen if they don't win in November.
That ship has not just sailed but already sunk.
Personal note, allowable as this is my blog:
Right now I am a man without a church. I didn't leave it, it closed. We  few who were left
felt that God was closing the doors. So we were obedient. But it feels weird, unsettling, and I don't know where I will go to worship God. We were obedient. We ARE obedient. And
God will direct my steps.
End of personal note.
Scotland voted to remain in the United Kingdom. I've been to Edinburgh, and would love to visit there again now that I'm am older and more able to appreciate things/cultures/stuff.
I'm glad that Scotland voted to stay co-dependent. It's kind of like putting together a picture puzzle and finding pieces that go together perfectly. We need that in the world.
Changed my furnace filter the other day, my autumn ritual, and I have to get the house ready
for what comes next.  {shrugs} I hope I"M ready.

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Doug said...

Those who know about the church stuff probably won't be surprised to see it mentioned here, but to the outside (read:pagan) world it must seem very strange to hear of a church closing in obedience to God.