Saturday, March 28, 2015

With All Due Respect

Oh sure, I haven't gotten in trouble for awhile. Life is not boring, but there is a certain...
I've denounced "Easter" often enough-that it is a pagan holiday which attempts to paper over (with pastel colors!) the true celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
A buffer overflow of eggs, chocolate, bunnies and the snooty paganistas who claim that WE co-opted THEIR Spring celebration by attempting to make it all about Jesus.
Keep Easter far from me, friends. It's all yours.
Ah. The image above. Churches will be filled to capacity next week with semi-perennials who bloom twice a year: Christmas and Easter. The other 50 Sundays (51 for Leap Year) are spent relaxing at home and watching sports.
As our friend Mac sang: "Go Your Own Way".

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Arret Lent Sleeve Vou Plaid

Won't need Babelfish to discern the meaning of the title of this lil' post-to be clear:
Drop Lent.
Of course, if you are of a religious persuasion that grooves on Lent and all, please, stop reading and go light a candle for me or something.
But those of us within the camp of Born again Christianity (shame that we have to specify that) Shroving Tuesdays, no giving up this or that on the assumption that God has called you to get Lenten. Don't get all Maundy, either.
Why not, Doug? Why the prude 'tude regarding Lent?
Same reason I stopped celebrating Christmas. We within the camp shouldn't be taking our spiritual cues/calendar from those OUTSIDE the camp. If they want to get Lenten, fine-still a free country. Pagans do as pagans do, and always feel that the Lent is due.
But We aren't pagans.
Nor Easter, either; instead simply celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. If you think that that IS what Easter is about, go light that candle.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Peace Possible

"7And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:7
This is one of the oft-memorized, shared and proclaimed promises of Scripture. Christians LOVE this verse, and it is as true as the One who promises Peace.
But the world wants no part of that precious Peace, and attempts to create/find/define their own.
Because the world hates God, and wants no part of any Peace He offers.
I've enjoyed that Peace for roughly (smoothly) 36 years.
It guards my heart and mind, by confirming that God is true, and that I am at Peace with Him, which is the only Peace that matters.
If you don't yet have that Peace, believe me: it is real, and possible. But only through Jesus Christ. Which may offend the world, but is LIFE for those whom He has saved.
Peace. Accept no substitutes.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hillary Does Email

"Thanks for coming over, Chelsea-I can't get the hang of this email thing, and I'm stuck."
"It's all right, Mom-let me see your screen."
"I clicked 'open' on the letter thingie I just keep clicking and clicking and clicking and..."
"Mom, that's a porn loop!"
"A porn loop? What's that?"
Chelsea held the power button until the screen went dark.
"Mom, you can't just click on stuff-you have to be careful!"
"I WAS careful! Look behind you-see? I closed the curtains so no spy droney thing
could see what I was doing."
"But that was a porn loop, Mother-your computer is probably infected with viruses!"
Hilary smiled.
"It's okay, dear. I have my own server machine installed, so no one will ever know."

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Transcendent Techs Part Deuce

This post strikes closer to the intent. Scotch-hop a link of this picture to your youngsters, texting explanation: the object in the forefront is a "BOOK", with no
'e-' or 'i-' prefix. Totally Analog. RAM-Random Access Memory accomplished by opening the "BOOK" to different pages collected in sub-folders referred to as Stories and Chapters.
This particular book was printed in 1882, 133 years ago. Transcendent tech-today's date
right next to it is applied automatically by my camera. We read both.
A few days ago I achieved surviving the anniversary of my life beginning (according to the ACLU): my birthday. It was very nice, and the crochet scarf behind the book was a gift from a dear friend. She and her husband invited me over for dinner, and it all made the birthday anniversary exceptional.
I show off the lovely scarf here as example of ancient technology still in use/warming us today. glasses. Those of us with impaired vision only have clarity due to glasses prescribed to our exact visual needs. The ancients-Caesar, Pontius Pilate, King Henry the Eighth, Don Cervantes...may have had good and interesting lives, but accepted a 'blurry world' as Reality.
OUR REALITY is clearer than theirs, and those of us impaired appreciate what we have.
Try walking around your house without your glasses for awhile, and you might appreciate it all more.
Transcendent Techs-we live in a melange of cultures/techs from all eras. Cool.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Transcendent Techs

Still here, and there simultaneously. Meaning that I am still posting at FDW/FerDW AND FB AND interacting w/humans in real life.
Looking at the date on the photo, I know that I was in Montreal, where my ship was in dry dock for four months starting just after Christmas 1977. technology has been around roughly 150 years. Napoleon might not have tried to conquer Russia if he had seen photos of it first. He was 30 years too early.
I'm kinda okay with Facebook, though I can't bring myself to repost much that I see.
Ooops! Just realized that I have gone beyond the attention span of FBers. 30