Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hillary Does Email

"Thanks for coming over, Chelsea-I can't get the hang of this email thing, and I'm stuck."
"It's all right, Mom-let me see your screen."
"I clicked 'open' on the letter thingie and...now I just keep clicking and clicking and clicking and..."
"Mom, that's a porn loop!"
"A porn loop? What's that?"
Chelsea held the power button until the screen went dark.
"Mom, you can't just click on stuff-you have to be careful!"
"I WAS careful! Look behind you-see? I closed the curtains so no spy droney thing
could see what I was doing."
"But that was a porn loop, Mother-your computer is probably infected with viruses!"
Hilary smiled.
"It's okay, dear. I have my own server machine installed, so no one will ever know."

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Doug said...

Forgive, please. Older folks aren't tech savvy.
From my own life:
"Okay, Mom-you have the mouse in your hand-just move it to the right."
Mother picks up mouse and places it to the right.