Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Only God

God is God. Whilst fervors rage for and against God, God remains unchanged and immutable.
Most of our global populace (those taking the wide gate, wide road to destruction) rage for and/or against an image of God that is less than true. A God of their own imaginings, created in their own imperfect image.
The True God is an offense to those who are perishing. His Laws are impossible for anyone to follow. Can't be done-bar is set so high over our heads that we are doomed to fail.
Doomed. To. Fail.
This is what leads many prideful men and women to worship at the feet of false gods, to remake in their own image a god who is not quite so offensive or demanding.
"A loving God," they say, "would not send anyone to hell. Just Love, people. Love love love."
Others, prideful men and women, refuse to worship God at all, taking Him to task for the evils he allows in THEIR world.
"Your so-called loving God is a brute, a bully, who has no right to send anyone to hell-he is the worst sinner!"
But, before all and after all (alpha and omega) God remains God.
Look for heard and had in the comments.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Thoughts Feb Friday Edition

I was just in a arts/crafty type store yesterday and was actually tempted to buy a pair of 'bunny ears' ala the faux bunny chomping carrot above. Thankfully the moment passed. I DO have an image to maintain.
But not online. I have posted one video here, and no current pictures for a very good reason-there is too much personal information available on the internets. Facetwitter and other social sites allow a person to put ALL of their 'life' online, and private should remain private. I mistrust the alleged security of the social media sites as I have studied computering. I was thinking at one time of going into I.T., went to uni, got a...but I was just saying that one shouldn't divulge too much personal info on line, so never you mind about the uni thing.
'Oscars' night of a thousand egos erupts this Sunday. For a non-drinking game, I will not take a drink every time a Conservative/Christian/Republican gets slammed by a shamlibrity. I'll be sober all night.
I haven't seen any of this years Oscar contenders anyway. But I do LOVE Turner Classic Movies, and have bunches of fine films siting on my shelves and on my DVR.
This is the reason I was in the craft store yesterday-I had this picture blown up and custom framed for my birthday, which is... never you mind. I've shown it here at FDW before, but now I have it on my wall.
Random thoughtfully I will touch on politics for just a mome: I think that President Obama is doing everything he can to NOT be re-elected. The latest kerfluffle, demanding that religious schools and Christian hospitals hand out birth control, even if their religious beliefs make them reject some forms of 'death control', isn't the act of a man seeking re-election. When the uproar roared up, he off handedly said, "Okay-then the insurance companies can pay instead."
Ruling by whim? I think he loves the prestige of the Presidency but has no stomach for the job. He may vote for Romney, crying "Mister Wizard, get me out of here!"
Yes, I said Romney. I don't care if he is a Mormon-I think he will win. If he were to ask Sarah Palin to join him as the Veep candidate, I think they might win 48 states. With Santorum as Veep? 47.
Enough of that stuff.
One of the common refrains of 2012: "I have internet on my phone." No-the internet has YOU programmed and processed and dressed out to be stressed out. My 'cell' is so cheap it doesn't even make calls. I went for years without a cell phone, was proud of my non-cell self...until the phone companies started pulling pay phones out of my hometown. I had to keep in touch with my family, so for $15.00 a month I have a cheap cell. Which I dislike.
A friend has the Kindle Fire, and has been encouraging me to get one. He loves it just fine, and I may get a 'reader' someday, but the Fire doesn't yet warm me to buying one.
Amazon is cool, though. I buy more stuff through Amazon than I do going to the big city and seeing the stores, so if I do get a reader, it will probably be the Kindle Fire.
Is this Random Enough? I have to bake cookies. See you on the podcast.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

American African History Life

Note the title, please. February is officially African-American History Month; consider this my small contribution.
He was an American first; according to Wikipedia: "born in a light-skinned, Creole African American family in New Orleans. Both of his parents were listed as "mullato" in the 1880 census."
His family moved to Los Angeles to get away from the 'Jim Crow" laws of the South.
His name was George Herriman, artist and poet, creator of "Krazy Kat" and illustrator of  many books, including "Archy and Mehitabel " by Don Marquis (who is a story and two thirds in his own right-another time).
Herriman succeeded at his craft, drawing and writing Kat for decades. He was a black man making his own way in the world-his talent opening the doors to Success. He didn't wait for a Movement to declare his rights-he simply lived. Towards the end of his life, arthritis took the pen out of his hand-he would use a knife to cut shapes and designs-his public, those who loved Krazy Kat understood and accepted the more chaotic art.
I've had one of Herriman's "Kat" books for over 30 years, another one closing in on 20.
I encourage you to seek out Herriman's works, especially the Kat, and see genius expressing itself through an art form long gone from our world today.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

One Last Houston Post

Warning: Dated reference ahead.
His name was Mike. Mike and I worked together for a short while in Vegas-I don't remember much about him, except that he had been in jail; he loved when Christians would bring pocket New Testaments to the prisoners, as those little pages made the best cigarettes.
Mike was racist in a regular, matter of fact manner, and in the course of 'work chatter' one day we had this conversation:
Me: "Okay, Mike-suppose you are the last man on earth, and have to choose between Whitney Houston, who is beautiful but black, and Rosanne Barr, white but not beautiful...who would you choose?"
He hesitated for a second before he said,
"Um, Rosanne Barr."
Me: "You're an idiot."

There has been some debate/conflict about Governor Christie of New Jersey having the state flags lowered to half mast in honor of Houston. I joined in a conversation on another website, suggesting that it was a class move, that she deserved such an honor for her life and career. Others felt that she wasn't deserving due to her trouble life and manner of passing.
I also suggested that I wouldn't be surprised to see President Obama and his family attend her funeral-some things are above politics; if this had happened when he wasn't running for re-election, he would probably still attend out of respect for Houston. I was shouted down by others saying that EVERYTHING is political.
No, it's not. 
Much of the world exists outside of the stinkpot of politics. Politics is an evil which becomes necessary, intrudes on our lives intermittently; we put up with it every few years because it is all we have in voicing our opinions as to how we should govern ourselves. My opinion is my vote, as is yours. That it has become such a dirty enterprise is a shame-I may have to have a moist towelette ready to wipe my hands as I leave the voting booth.

Far afield, and now I return: it is sad that Whitney Houston had a troubled life and death, and I hope that her family will be comforted as they sit in that memorial service, hearing how she touched many lives with her talent.
May she rest in peace.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Confounded vs Abounded

Nice guy, Carl Sagan. Wrong about God, and, if this quote is accurate, not in Heaven at this moment, as he did not know God.
Wishful thinking didn't create the 'idea' of God, nor of an 'afterlife'. God is, and He makes it easy for those He has chosen to have Faith. He also made it impossible for those He has NOT chosen to have or understand that Faith.
Wishful thinking didn't set apart a people group (Jews).
I've said it before-if you want evidence that God exists, look to the Jews. In no other part of the world, ever (!) has a family group been kept separate from the rest of the world, no matter where they are living.
More evidence of God: the hatred FOR the Jews exhibited nearly universally. If they were merely a mid-eastern family group, no one would even know the difference between a Jew and an Arab.
Back to Carl. He was the one invested in wishful thinking. With a wave of his hand he dismissed six thousand years of history as "ancient traditions". In effect, he was relegating God to the status of 'Myth'.
Why? Simply because he didn't know God. His wishful thinking was that MAN was preeminent.
He might have suggested that he could not have faith in a God he couldn't see-but why would he have any faith at all in the sinful, corrupt MAN that he could see?

A side note-it was very sad to hear of the passing of Whitney Houston today. She had a tough life. I don't know if she was a Christian-growing up in church doesn't get you into Heaven. But I know that tough times usually drive someone to seek help, it causes many to reach out for God, and perhaps I'll see her in Heaven. I hope so.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Laff Clownz, Laff

Robert Benchley was a quipper. He wrote funny (no-he wasn't right handed) meaning that his had the gift of stating things in a humorous way-well enough to build a career out of laughter.
Possibly this is a stone that I shouldn't pick up, as I do have the word 'Wit' in the title here, but I think that what passes for humor this century doesn't pass mustard. See?
I will admit to publishing a few jokes here and there through this blog, but I'm not a humorist, and I don't always think I'm funny. Smelling.
Here's the thing-it has become de' regular to mock, smear, lie about and lambaste those who do not share your opinion on an issue-political, religious, race, etc.
Saturday Night Live mocked Gingrich the other night, Bill Maher mocked Romney's religion (shock, right?),
and a thousand trolls on a million blogs daily ridicule anything of importance coming from the Right side of the planet.
Christians in particular are noted as targets of scorn and hatred. I'm not complaining-it comes with the territory (Heaven). If we DARE make a statement about Sin on a non-Christian blog the Athei-gnostitx lose their collective cool and start with the verbal tar and feathers. And they often think they are funny.
Before you chuckle at the next cartoon/quip which reaffirms your prejudices...think about why the joker/quip-to-zoo-ologist is attempting to make you laugh. To lighten your heart with an amusement? Or to firmly entrench you in his or her or it's mindset?
Agenda comedy fails the stink test.
Get wise, guys.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Scripturally Precise Return Of Random Thoughts Tuesday On Thursday

Oh, my head. It isn't quite dizzy, but I could stand a few months of contemplative quiet away from the political geek show. I'm not even watching/listening to the politics yet, and somehow it bleeds into my indifference and gives me a case of the fearful anticipatories. I KNOW it is going to get nasty before peacequiet returns.
A friend lent me a great book by Dr. Charles Stanley which is helping to keep the politics in perspective.
I've been hearing warnings about POMO for awhile now, that post-modern thinking is somehow muddying the consciousness of people (more than usual) so that there is no basis for truth anymore-what I believe is as valid as what you believe which can be the opposite of what she or he believes-that nothing is solid, truth is a metal liquid like Mercury, able to shift in whichever direction it is tilted.
Nah. Truth is God's truth. What He says is the bedrock on which everything stands, even if the post modern world wants to wish Him and His moral laws away. They will be brought to their knees, humbled with the rest of us who already know God. Read Zechariah and Isaiah. Ouch for them, blessing for us.
I don't have hope in Man to do anything more than continually mess up worser and ungooder. We are Devo!
But God is Good, and Patient, and Kind. Tesed.