Thursday, June 28, 2012

Living By The Rules

Here we are-the Scotus has spoken, and "Obamacare" is now the rule of the land.
Shock and awe? Nope. Angry much, Doug? Nope. Surprised? Kinda, but I do something that
President Obama seems incapable of: I accept the Laws of our country as written.
I cannot willingly (let me emphasize that: willingly) decide whether or not to obey a law, or, if
I were in authority, could not decide whether or not to enforce/ignore any Law.
As a Christian, I honor God by being a good, Law abiding citizen of the country where God has put me.
It doesn't matter whether anyone else (including the President) picks and chooses which Laws he will
obey. He will answer to God for his own actions. I will answer for mine (but not for my sins-those are paid for by Christ).
So, now we will have the burden of Obamacare. I will vote for my Representatives who will promise to overturn it, by making new law. But I will abide, as that is what God's people do.
There are quite a few on 'my side' who will get angry at the Government for what they are doing to us.
Obey and abide under the king, friends. He's not doing anything that God doesn't allow to happen.
Honor your King by honoring your king. He may be worse than Ahab or Nero or Caesar or Pharaoh, but we abide, and seek God's help in making it through whatever we face. We aren't thrown into coliseums to be torn apart by lions; we do not fear Inquisitions which would imprison and torture us, burning us at stakes.
It's a Law. We can get through anything with God's help, which was as true yesterday as it is today.
This dude abides.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Excuses, Excuses...Exit

Mr. President, we don't believe you.

Monday, June 25, 2012

World Can't Wait 2012

With heightened anticipation, the entire country is waiting to find out what the outcome of Obamacare will be, as decided by the Supremes.
Opinion seems to be running towards the outcome of Obamacare being deemed unconstitutional.
There have been warnings against Republicans not to "spike the ball" and thus be penalized in November for
an unbecoming end zone dance.
 I'm Baptist-we're not allowed to dance anyway. (joke)
If Obamacare is abolished, I won't be jumping up and down cheering-I will remain cautious until the entire mess is done away with and we can rest assured that "Taxegeddon" won't be hitting in January 2013.
Here's an idea-rather than Government attempting to micromanage every grain of sand on the beach (metaphor for the economy) let each succeeding wave carry the sand where it will. The Economy is too varied and divergent to be controlled by any ONE. Let the market decide prices and the rule of supply and demand will work out the rising and falling of the markets as it has for thousands of years. Guess what?
Healthcare becomes affordable. Life becomes affordable. People get back to work as the economy grows in strength. People discover that they don't need Government to control their lives from cradle to grave (which has never worked anywhere).
Life becomes happier.
I won't be spiking any ball. But I do look forward to the Romney Admin undoing as much of the damage perpetrated by the Obama Admin in the name of 'fairness'. Unfair to everybody is not fair.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


"I shall not want." There's a good reason why the 23rd Psalm is so loved, so well known even amongst those who are not of God's flock: it speaks of trusting in a Good Shepherd Who looks after us in all of our moments in Life.
Good and bad. From now until the final then. Even when circumstance crop up which might cause us to not trust in God...He is there, and all will be all right.
Long time readers of FDW may remember my use of the Lithuanian term, "Viskas bus gerai" which means exactly that: 'All will be fine'.
Some Wit in the past suggested that the reason God causes His children to travel such bumpy roads is so that they remember to call home once in a while.
In a way, this entire world is the valley of the shadow of death. I will fear no evil.
Viskas bus gerai.

Monday, June 18, 2012

One Hundred Or Two Hundred Buffalo?

I'm not sure, so please, help me out:
Would one hundred or two hundred buffalo equal a "Bison-tennial"?

In non-buffalo news, congrats to Roger Clemens, found innocent of lying to Congress. President Obama, Eric Holder...perhaps you should take notes.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Saturday, June 09, 2012

The Bigger Than Big Biggest Picture

Not really a political post, but please, keep reading.
I was watching Baseball tonight-the only game I was getting was Mets/Yankees and the wrong team won.
But it got me to thinking about Jazz.
And Broadway. And musicians playing in front of audiences, each 'playing' a role.
Summer stock. Open mic. Back to Baseball.
We watch Baseball to see what happens, even though we know what is going to happen-it is indeed a game of anticipation, and the game of how/what happens when is the spice that we savor.
You can hear great music on your iPod or other device in the privacy of your own head...but to see a musical performance or a play, in person, playing your role as an audience, seeing the same lines sung/spoken in the moment in front of you-that is also spice.
That New York game was interesting, exciting enough...but after the final out, after it is a done deal, it is no longer the same experience. 
Jazz. Performance art which 'plays' better in person than through recorded form.
That's not to say that recorded Jazz doesn't touch us in some way, but "Kind Of Blue" is the same, note for note, pause for pause, every time you listen to it.
The first time is magic. The second time is a memory of how it was magic. We are blessed with poor memories which allow us to 'forget' something only to revisit it later and see/ hear it again with freshness. It's probably been 4 years since I listened to "Kind Of Blue"; I'm about due.
Yeah, I do touch on politics, what with the Baseball season one third over-it doesn't matter who wins in November.
As a Christian, I read in the Bible about God being in control of all events that take place on earth-Scripture tells us that God raises up world leaders and casts them down.
God, for His own unknowable purposes put President Obama in the White House.
He may have him re-elected. He may intend for our economy to be destroyed-it isn't as if we are such a God honoring people that He can't help Himself, that He just HAS to Bless us! We are stinkers and worse, and the Bible lists many examples of populations who did not survive because they did not honor God. Flood, anyone?
We are blessed with poor memories which allow us to 'forget' something only to revisit it later and see/ hear it again with freshness.
 We are cursed with poor memories which allow us to 'forget' something only to revisit it later and see/ hear it again with freshness. Fresh ignorance. Fresh insolence. Fresh contempt.
If you think that your wisdom is the sum of your knowledge that you have deposited in your brain cells...congrats-you're ancestors 300 years ago operated on the same idea, though their wisdom confirmed that man cannot fly. Which he can't. Without an airplane.
Far afield. The bigger than big biggest picture is that while we live daily, acting and reacting to our daily life events, God is working.
Watch a ball game. Knock on doors for a cause. Volunteer to put an Obama or Romney sign in your yard.
It doesn't matter-God will raise up the leader He wills for our country, and I wouldn't presume to assume that we have a vote on what He should decide. Whoever sits in the Oval Office, God is in His Heaven and all is right with the world...eventually.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Obama Sequel-Dreams From My Bundlers

You might not feel sorry for the guy, but President Obama is having a harder time raising money in 2012
than he did with his first run in 2008. A few factors:
1. People are broke, thanks in part to his attempted dismantling of our economy.
2. People have had more opportunity to see President Obama in action...thumbs down.
3. His anti-Capitalist, anti-Corporate 'soak the rich' screeds ring hollow, as he has become wealthy himself;
it's hard to believe the hardline socialist stuff coming from a couple wearing designer suits and dresses.
4. Joe Biden.

You've heard by now about the "Dinner Sweepstakes"-the opportunity to eat food in the same room (!)
as Barack and Michele, Anna Wintour (who?) and Sarah Jessica Parker. Just donate to the Obo re-election ($15.00 minimum) and you can win a chance to {go broke paying for a suitable outfit to wear} a sit down dinner with these magnificent people! I remember Sarah J. all the way back to "Square Pegs"; she's a decent actress, but I have no interest in meeting her. Loved her in "Mars Attacks!", though. 
Back to the Barack money woes-how much money is enough? He gets free adverts from the (en)massed media-all he has to do is call Robin Roberts or Jimmy Fallon and have them come running with the TV cameras. If they don't respond quickly enough, Jay Leno gets the exclusive.
Question: Who deserves to win more? The best man or the one with the most fulminous"opposition research"?
Governor Romney seems to epitomize 'squeaky clean'-he's more of a straight arrow than I am. If there is no 'dirt' then it will be supplied and applied by the Obama team. All in the name of winning. The end justifies the meanness.
It may all be for naught-the millions of dollars wasted by Dems on the failed Wisconsin recall went right down the flush-hole. Remember Thatcher's axiom: "Eventually Liberals run out of other people's money". That gone money isn't available to Obama, and the Dems who wasted those millions may not be disposed to disposing of more of their gilt to his coffers.
Don't feel too bad for Barry, though-he's young enough yet to make billions post-Presidency giving speeches and touring the world (ala Bill Clinton), allowing his magnificence to be on display for the unwashed masses in places where his name is still a draw. He could clean up in Indonesia! France has their own Obama now, but he would probably do all right in Iran.
Bottom line-I will be putting my money on Romney for the win. I encourage you to do the sane (not a typo).

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Pay No Attention, Please

Bugged. Well, not really 'bugged', but a bit of unease happened this morning.
In church we were singing a song which mentions how, when we are in Heaven, we will
be praising God with a 'crown upon our brow'.
The first thing that came to mind was, "Not me-I don't deserve any crowns."
I know, I know-it says in God's Word that we will be blessed in Heaven, and there is mention of crowns...
but I know what a stinker I am.
It's hard to get this concept into our noggins-that when God looks at Christians, He sees them as
bearing the Righteousness of Christ-He sees us as Holy. Us. Holy.
I don't feel Holy, which I guess is good, because I live by faith, not feelings.
Still, I feel that I am not "crown worthy"-I'm just grateful that God has accepted me because of Christ.
I think that is why God so strongly confirms in His Word that we cannot lose our Salvation, that none
whom He has called will be lost. We need to hear that, often. Especially us stinkers.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Different Obama Post

'Saturday morning Armchair Psychologist' Doug takes up his post. My patient today is Barry O.
I won't draw on publicized 'statistics' or other nonsense evidence to 'prove' anything-take or leave, this is my opinion, based on what I have seen in the past few weeks and the past 3.5 years.
President Obama is in trouble, and that troubles the entire country. I think that he may be heading for a breakdown, and one look at Joe Biden in the on deck circle makes that a very dangerous proposition.
I see President Obama as someone whose ideology consumes him-he hard-core believes that his ideas are
correct, are the best path forward for the world. 
Problem: In academia, you can believe and teach whatever you want unchallenged by Reality. A professor (one who professes) down to a a 1st grade teacher can fill their students heads with any and all kinds of garbage, and it's called Education. No one gets hurt (except the kids)-it's academia, not the real world. They can wax poetic about global warming, the evils of Republicanism, civil rights for transexual gerbils, whatever.
But Professor Obama has moved into the 'real world', where his beliefs are challenged by opposing ideologies and (dare I say it? Yup.) Reality.
If he held no political power, if he were a private citizen such as Louis Farrakhan, no problem. Farrakhan has built his career on ridiculous suppositions which do not jibe with Reality. It doesn't affect any of us, for example, when he rants about Jews.
But if Louis held real world power, such as a President wields? Then his hard-held beliefs would be dangerous for us all and would need to be opposed.
This is where the troubles begin for President Obama-his ideas, from health care reform to global warming to how to "fix" economic problems are vaporware-empty and invalid.
I haven't mentioned Hitler/Obama for a few posts-Hitler also held unrealistic ideas which, if he had not held power, would have troubled no-one. He would have been crazy uncle Adolph, sitting in a corner nursing his grudge against the world.
But he gained power and started governing as if his ideas were correct, were the best path forward for the world. He was opposed by Reality and millions of people lost their lives proving him wrong.
Hitler 'broke' and took the coward's way out rather than facing Reality.
I see President Obama as just as much a "True Believer" in his cause as Hitler was in his. He believes that he is right, and that those opposing him are wrong.
He may 'break'. As I've stated before, I think President Obama is conflicted-he loves the power and prestige of being President, but he can't stomach the job-which is why he is doing all he can to torpedo his re-election campaign.
Evidence? Advocating 'gay marriage' and campaigning against 'Capitalism'. If that doesn't discourage the electorate enough,  he might have to outlaw Mom's Apple Pie and disband Major League Baseball.
He wants OUT. I say let him go.