Friday, June 15, 2012

Water Seeks Level

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Doug said...

yes I did.
Here, let me read some of the future for President Obama in the next few months-we will see:
tributes as to how warm and caring he is, to offset the cold demeanor and bitter strident tone of his voice.
He will have complicit media attack dogs haranguing Gov. Romney about any possible miss-deed or action taken throughout his life.
Today a reporter had the audacity to ask President Obama an unscripted and approved question.
Look for that reporter to be attacked, ala Joe the Plumber, simply for asking a question.
We will be well rid of President Obama, though I am sure that he will continue to complain and whine about having his second term stolen from him until he draws his last breath.

One of the clearest examples I've heard of the difference between Conservatives and Liberals:
If a Conservative doesn't like broccoli, he doesn't eat broccoli, and doesn't care if you do.
If a Liberal doesn't like broccoli, they outlaw broccoli for everyone.
I happen to like broccoli, but if there is ever a petition sent around about brussels sprouts...