Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Obama Sequel-Dreams From My Bundlers

You might not feel sorry for the guy, but President Obama is having a harder time raising money in 2012
than he did with his first run in 2008. A few factors:
1. People are broke, thanks in part to his attempted dismantling of our economy.
2. People have had more opportunity to see President Obama in action...thumbs down.
3. His anti-Capitalist, anti-Corporate 'soak the rich' screeds ring hollow, as he has become wealthy himself;
it's hard to believe the hardline socialist stuff coming from a couple wearing designer suits and dresses.
4. Joe Biden.

You've heard by now about the "Dinner Sweepstakes"-the opportunity to eat food in the same room (!)
as Barack and Michele, Anna Wintour (who?) and Sarah Jessica Parker. Just donate to the Obo re-election ($15.00 minimum) and you can win a chance to {go broke paying for a suitable outfit to wear} a sit down dinner with these magnificent people! I remember Sarah J. all the way back to "Square Pegs"; she's a decent actress, but I have no interest in meeting her. Loved her in "Mars Attacks!", though. 
Back to the Barack money woes-how much money is enough? He gets free adverts from the (en)massed media-all he has to do is call Robin Roberts or Jimmy Fallon and have them come running with the TV cameras. If they don't respond quickly enough, Jay Leno gets the exclusive.
Question: Who deserves to win more? The best man or the one with the most fulminous"opposition research"?
Governor Romney seems to epitomize 'squeaky clean'-he's more of a straight arrow than I am. If there is no 'dirt' then it will be supplied and applied by the Obama team. All in the name of winning. The end justifies the meanness.
It may all be for naught-the millions of dollars wasted by Dems on the failed Wisconsin recall went right down the flush-hole. Remember Thatcher's axiom: "Eventually Liberals run out of other people's money". That gone money isn't available to Obama, and the Dems who wasted those millions may not be disposed to disposing of more of their gilt to his coffers.
Don't feel too bad for Barry, though-he's young enough yet to make billions post-Presidency giving speeches and touring the world (ala Bill Clinton), allowing his magnificence to be on display for the unwashed masses in places where his name is still a draw. He could clean up in Indonesia! France has their own Obama now, but he would probably do all right in Iran.
Bottom line-I will be putting my money on Romney for the win. I encourage you to do the sane (not a typo).

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Doug said...

If you don't recognize the cartoon, it's a Dick Guindon classic from back in the 1970's-some things never change.
Here's an idea-privatize the U.S. Post Office, taking it off the government books, allowing companies to compete for franchises. They must
keep the mail running, but will be allowed to operate with a free-er hand. The P.O. government employees become private sector employees, paying taxes, making a living on their own dime instead of ours.
This would solve a great part of the problems facing our economy-more jobs in the private sector and less government!
Hey,I can dream too!
The USPS loses millions of dollars per day-the private sector knows how to SAVE money. Government only knows how to spend it.