Friday, July 29, 2011


Three am. As he watched the well dressed man leave the store and head back to the limousine, Paco took a sip of his coffee, getting ready for what was coming next.
Three minutes later The Man came in and walked up to the counter. Paco met his glowering stare with the ease that came from having worked graveyard at the minimart for three years.
“Carton of Camels, please.”
“Excuse me, sir, but like I told your man, I need to see some money.”
“Listen. You know who I am.”
“Yes, sir. A carton of Camels costs $42.86. Cash only.”
The Man smiled, looked at the nametag and said, “Paco-I’m just a little light tonight. How about you let me use my credit card, and I’ll throw in an autograph?”
Paco pointed to the wall behind him where The Man’s name was prominently displayed on the “Do Not Accept Checks From These Deadbeats” list.
“Already got one, sir. You may be the President of the United States, but at three o'clock in the morning in this store, cash is king.”

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grateful vs Not

Through my friend Chrystal's site I heard of something called "Wretched Radio" hosted by Todd Friel. First I went to iTunes and downloaded samples of the show, and now I get the entire program each weekday. I don't agree with everything they promote (shock), but if nothing else, Todd and company ask and answer thought provoking questions about Christianity and other subjects. I am going to add "Wretched" to my sidebar, so have at it. In the past week he explained his reasons for not voting for Sarah Palin (who isn't even running this time) and Mitt Romney (who is but shouldn't).
He also had an interesting take on Michelle Bachman's contretemps with regard to having belonged to a church which teaches that the Pope is THE Antichrist.
Duh. That's Christianity 101, people. The Pope isn't THE Antichrist, but he does 'lead' a cultic empire that is very much against Christ. Bachman's answer when asked...well, you can go to CBS News or Todd's site to find out what is what.
You might notice that I also have a link to John MacArthur's site, Grace To You. This past week I listened to a set of his sermons which deal with "Slavery" in the Bible and in our history. Good insightful stuff.
As for the title of this post, I was just thinking that the world population can rightly be divided into two camps: Christian and evyboddy else. We are grateful to God and Praise Him for all that He is, all that He has done, and all that He will do. Evvyboddy else doesn't. They aren't grateful to God; they curse Him when they can be bothered to think of Him. That's not faith, that's not being grateful, that's not right.
You are in one of those two camps-you know which one, and so does God. Don't stay among the weeds when you can become wheat. God is funny that way: He accepts sinners into His Kingdom, changing them from death to Live. Just one more thing that I'm grateful for.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Obama Is NOT Hitler!

I hope that no one construed my putting of Hitler and Obama together as my saying that they are similar. May it never be!            
I fixed the picture-now they are both looking to the left.
One major difference between the two gentlemen is that Hitler hated the Jews, and Obama merely wants Israel to disarm and commit cultural suicide. Not the same thing at all!
Hitler met with the Grand Heighdy-ho Mufti of Islam to discuss their common hatred of the Jews-Obama simply declares that Israel must make peace with their neighbors who are trying to exterminate them. Different! Night and day!
Another major stark contrast between Hitler and Obama is that Hitler had control of the media which trumpeted his greatness. We all recognize that the media in our time is scrupulous in their objectivity with regard to President Obama. They never let him 'get away' with any lies or weak attempts at propaganda.
So lets hear no more fuss about comparisons between Barry and Adolf. It's like comparing apples with apples, so there, too.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

He Sure Can Give A Great Speech!

The other night I'm watching a History series on the Hitler and the Third Reich. Wow. I had forgotten how BELOVED Hitler was by the German peoples. They tripped over the doorstep of fanaticism right as they came in. He bought their allegiance with a few well-thundered points:
1: They were the greatest people in the world!
2: Everything wrong is the fault of the Jews!
3: They would rule with him over everyone else...FOREVER!

YES, WE CAN go overboard in fanaticism much as the German peoples did. They were as human (and as wrong) as the Arab nuttyboys and girls who decry Israel today, tossing bombs and venom at Jews simply because they exist. The nutties have been sold on the idea that LIFE would be much better for all involved if Jews didn't. Exist. 
I've mentioned it before-this hatred of Jews is spiritual-they (and Christians) are representative of God who is the actual object of the world's hatred. They can't find Him so they beat up on us.

Back to the failed artist. Hitler was a very unhappy man who acted out his unhappiness on the world stage.
Satan can always find unhappy people to promote.
Once upon a time, Alph made a speech and signed a law that:
Jews were no longer citizens of Germany.
That to marry a Jew or to have sexual relations with a Jew were both crimes.
According to the series I was watching, 30% of the funding of the German war effort came from seized Jewish properties.  

If you are wondering about the picture at the top:
Hitler claimed that the Jews had gotten rich at Germany's expense, so it wasn't only religious bigotry but also class warfare that Hitler was promoting.
He demanded that the German auto industry (taken over by the government) create a "people's car" which the common German could afford.
Of course, the very first Volkswagens went to the Nazi party member elite, but there it is. 
Hitler came to power when Germany was suffering a decimated economy still trying to rebuild from WWI.
Today, we are looking out over a weakened global economy-someone following in Hitler's goosestepping footsteps might come to prominence by declaring that: "We are the greatest people in the world! Nothing we do wrong is our fault! Those darned Jews (or Christians. Or Brits. Or Norwegians) got rich at our expense and it's time for some payback! We will RULE!"
Nope. God rules. And all the wannabes Satan enthrones are thrown down. Honest Adolph.

Saturday, July 09, 2011


I learned a new word today. Elide. It's beautiful. Look it up if must.
P'Gell. A contraction, an elide. Will Eisner's "The Spirit" deserves to be made into a movie, a GOOD one, to wipe away the horrible film of Frank Miller a few years ago. There's another one!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

MY Arrogance Is Charming!

Endearing. Affirming. Whatever.
I'm arrogant enough for two people half my it all evens out, right?
I was visiting Big Hollywood website today where (once again) Liberals (with a big L) are typecast as humorless about and blind to their own faults and failings, all the while being gleeful about the supposed failings of people like me.
Hey, a laugh is a laugh, and if I can make just one Liberal chortle by stating my conservatism, I can put that in the laugh bank. Not Left Bank-that's in France. Please pay attention.
I don't really have to DO anything to rile up the un-Conservatives. My mere (and I mean mere) existence gives meaning to their empty little lives; without me and my cohort, they would have nothing and no one to oppose.
Think about it-they are so politically correct that they cannot pick on anyone with regard to race, gender, sexual disorientation, or geographical provincialism. They NEED us! The bile would blow their heads off their necks if it didn't have an outlet.
I'm arrogant enough (so to speak), in that I have no doubts about God or my place in His Creation.
A neurotic person unsure of anything can only perceive such confidence as arrogance. So, semantics.
My faith in God informs my politics, my work, my life.
A Liberal's lack of faith in our common God informs everything about them, hence the bile.
I'm going to borrow my old friend Janeane Garafalo for a moment as an example of what I'm talking about.
If Jane triggers your mirth with her standup where she goes all political on Republican targets, if you love her outspokeness with regard to what she sees as hypocrisy on my side...well and good. You know what I'm talking about. You are tuned to her mental radio.
But then something happens. Janeane get saved, meaning that God puts in her a desire for salvation and brings her into His kingdom.
All of a sudden Janeane's faith begins to inform her politics, her work, her life. Just as suddenly you begin to hate on her. The hate seems valid because she's a turncoat; a shining light of Liberalism has been extinguished.
Don't doubt that it couldn't happen. God saved a Pharisee named Saul who was actively destroying the lives of Christians. He wrote approximately one quarter of the New Testament through the inspiration of a Holy God who saves sinners.
Bottom line: Liberalism is a lie, darkness that hates the truth. It inflates man's perception of Man while ignoring God. Give it up while you're still upright. Thank me later in Heaven.