Sunday, July 17, 2011

Obama Is NOT Hitler!

I hope that no one construed my putting of Hitler and Obama together as my saying that they are similar. May it never be!            
I fixed the picture-now they are both looking to the left.
One major difference between the two gentlemen is that Hitler hated the Jews, and Obama merely wants Israel to disarm and commit cultural suicide. Not the same thing at all!
Hitler met with the Grand Heighdy-ho Mufti of Islam to discuss their common hatred of the Jews-Obama simply declares that Israel must make peace with their neighbors who are trying to exterminate them. Different! Night and day!
Another major stark contrast between Hitler and Obama is that Hitler had control of the media which trumpeted his greatness. We all recognize that the media in our time is scrupulous in their objectivity with regard to President Obama. They never let him 'get away' with any lies or weak attempts at propaganda.
So lets hear no more fuss about comparisons between Barry and Adolf. It's like comparing apples with apples, so there, too.


Doug said...

One of the great abuses of power of Hitler's Third Reich was that they held life and death sway over their populations. They attempted to 'create' the perfect Aryan race in many ways, including euthanasia for the handicapped and also forced sterilization of 'undesirables' including...homosexuals. Sterilizing homosexuals? I'd call that wasted effort, but then, I'm not a Nazi.
I heard one estimate that there were 400,000 forced sterilizations.
On the other end of the scale, google "Führer's brides". Those of alleged Aryan descent were encouraged to have babies outside of marriage, young girls 16 years old.
I trust God and do not fear Man; we can see the nastiness humans are capable of when they move away from God's moral law and try to be a law unto themselves.
Obama will end up like Hitler, and like you and me-we all die, we all will stand before God in judgement.
A Christian's works will be judged, and a sinner's sins will be judged. We go to Glory, they go to hell.
I'd rather go to Glory, and I'd love to see you there.

Doug said...

I was going to do this, but Big Hollywood set it up nicely:



10:30 AM EST: Born To Dance (1936) — A sailor on leave helps a young dancer make it to the top on Broadway. Dir: Roy Del Ruth Cast: Eleanor Powell , James Stewart , Virginia Bruce. BW-106 mins.

The gorgeous and uniquely gifted Eleanor Powell quit Hollywood at the age of 31 to concentrate on being a mother to her son with actor Glenn Ford, and what a shame that is — at least for us musical fans. Powell made a few memorable films, today’s pick being one of them, but too often she was (far and away) the best thing in marginal movies that would be completely forgotten if not for her presence.

It would’ve been something to see her hang on for a few more years as MGM retooled to make some of the grandest, most spectacle musicals the world will ever see. Not that there was a single thing wrong with the actresses who originated the roles, but seeing Powell in a “On the Town,” “Anchors Aweigh,” “Easter Parade,” and the like would’ve been a real treat.

I already have this on DVD, but if you want to see a fun musical, check it out.

Doug said...


I can see them at the "Walking Dead" panel:
"So, Mr.Darabont, do you think that zombies are like non-Christians,walking around, fighting against the born again living?
Or are the zombies like the so-called "Carnal Christians" who should be 'dead' to this world, but act as if they still belong here?"
Why is Mr. Darabont fleeing the stage?

Anonymous said...

The reason that many people get upset with such a comparison is that they fear that there may be some validity to it. See this link.

Doug said...

No thanks-President Obama is furnishing enough material to keep the meme alive. Since I wrote this post he's made his statement about the budget 'crisis' that the American people are in danger of becoming 'collateral damage' as the ideological fight continues.
Whose policies put us in harm's way?
Whose ideology got us into this mess?
Hitler blamed the Jews for Germanys problems-Obama blames "the Rich".

I'm beginning to think that President Obama has actually lost his mind. He certainly seems incapable of accepting reality.

Mike Slone said...

Take it from someone who's been where you are. You're going to regret this comparison. You'll post an apology on your blog for the outrageous conflation of Nazis with Democrats, and overall will feel pretty stupid.

And, FYI, extreme dems say the same things about Bush.

Also, Bonhoeffer was justified in trying to assassinate Hitler. No pastor is justified in attempting to assassinate Obama.

Doug said...

Whatever Mike Sloan is, he's wrong.
No apologies, no outrage, no feeling stupid. What, are both of the readers of this blog going to rise up in indignation? ;)
Bye the bye, Mike-FYI is an assumption that I don't have "I". I've got "I" in spades. I'm filthy with "I". That's just FYI.

Mike sl said...

Heh, well, I can soften it a bit. There's a pretty good chance you'll eventually regret the post. I made a real similar one a few years back on a now-defunct blog.

I didn't mean FYI to sound so condescending. It was early in the day. All I meant was, you might consider that "so-and-so = hitler" is an insult common to both sides. As a left-leaning Christian, I'm more inclined to compare Republicans to Nazis. But it's a cheap shot from either side, and if it were more than that we'd have serious cause for concern. Hopefully just for the accuser.

But my comment was probably just to comfort myself anyway. The conflation is silly, and come to think of it I might change the comment again: I hope you'll think twice about the comparison. Anyway, don't go trying to assassinate Obama. There is, I hope, a difference between rhetoric and actions.