Saturday, June 10, 2017

Heaven's Low Door

Right now on TV there is a documentary about a religious cult which operated in Minnesota in the past 20 years.
Normal, happy peoples such as are depicted above...fell under the influence of a charismatic sociopath who right now is paying for a few of his sins in prison.
So...why am I writing about this?
Sociopaths intrigue me; religious sociopaths are extra evil. They've gone Pro.
I mentioned recently that I had once been targeted/witnessed at by a cult back in my Coast Guard days. Them folks were nuts.
This Minnesota contingent of bad theology brings it too close to home, so I thought I'd share a few insights.
God leads His people to congregate together, to sit under church authority and move forward in His plan for our lives.
Egocentric, proud and divisive "leaders" will go rogue, refusing to humbly submit to church leadership/discipline-usually they split churches, separate and start their own 'Ministry' such as the Minnesota group being highlighted tonight on TV.
God doesn't bless egocentric sociopaths who "go their own way".
They can usually keep momentum rolling for a few years, sowing religious tares amongst the wheat...but they end badly, which God orchestrates.
The very good purpose of church leadership/discipline is to keep the church of God as unstained from the world as possible. So God will root out those who would trouble His house.
Here's the thing-Christians SHOULD be in church, should remain safely under the aegis of church leadership. If you are a Christian who does not have a church home, ask God to direct you to one.
If your theology is not in absolute harmony with the church you (or I) might be wrong.
I have learned some things over the years, but none of us will ever understand/grasp all there is to learn of God on this side of eternity. Those who study the Scriptures, who really take in as much as they can of God's wisdom will be ever more humbled as they move forward.
Sociopaths will be 'puffed up' by their theology. Scripture for them is their own personal interpretation. Bad Juju.
For those who have trudged through this post, thanks for reading.
One more thing-I once knew a Christian who felt it was proper and right for him to commit a felony on a regular basis.  
A Christian doesn't arrive at that point if they humble themselves and sit under church leadership.