Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I Hold This Truth To Be Self Evident

Still not going political, really. Just an observation which reminds me of one of my greatest failures that I allegedly 'won'.
High school theatrics. Putting on "The Thurber Carnival" ala James Thurber whom I still read on occasion.
There's a soliloquy that runs about ten minutes, and at tryouts I couldn't believe how my castmates stunk up the place. Like a moron, I did the best I could... but I had more enthusiasm than talent.
Oh, I 'won' the part...and stunk up the stage every night.
I know, I know-the Democratic field is strong, every one of them a champion of the common pee-pul.
I think they are all sandbagging. Playing to lose so that History doesn't record them as another Millard Fillmore. Don't know him? My point.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Disgusting Must Mean Excellent In Texas!

Yup. Back on my hobby horse, riding against the wind of popular opinion.
Saw on Reddit that Texas has, well--you can read the graphic above. The tenor or alto of the accompanying article, written by a man named Brian M. Rosenthal is that Planned Parenthood being dropped from the Texas Medicaid program is a bad thing.
It's GOOD news to me, Brian!
The long/short of it is that I am looking for Christ to return and set up His Kingdom, ruling the world from Jerusalem.
I'm pretty certain that there will be no Planned Parenthood, no Abortion allowed at all in His Kingdom.
So I cheer Texas and other states which are shutting down Planned Parenthood's money train from our government tills. I want my taxes to subsidize Gun shows and Tea parties and other examples of Planned Adulthood. See you at the human races.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

If Christians Bother You...

This one is for the pagans. If your ears shut down and you go "la la la la la" until a Christian shuts her or his mouth...this one's for you.
It's your cosmos, friends. This whole world order is ordered to reject the claims of Christians and most especially their God.
You LIVE substantive proof opposing their claims.
With no evidence of God, you think Christians must be deluded by others or self deluded. Only a fool goes by faith in what they can't see/prove; you are no fool.
Picture above represents that old story (fable?) of Joseph and his coat of many colors.
From about the age of 17 Joe lived in your cosmos. The world today with its ills and problems is the same as it was in ancient Egypt.
He went from slave to Prime minister, second in command to Pharaoh himself, whichever Pharaoh
was ruling then.
All without ever compromising his belief in God, which we Christians share today.
It's your cosmos.
If you knew God as we know God, you wouldn't have a single doubt as to His existence. But then, if you knew God as we know God, you would be a Christian. And you would reject the flawed cosmos which has no answers worth accepting.
The fact that Christians bother you is good. It means we are doing our job.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jinx, Like Karma, Are Less Than Vapor

Excuse, please- the Cubs...are doing all right. As in winning playoff games.
When Joe Maddon was announced as their skipper before this season...I doubted. I knew he was good, but I also know the Cubs. Manage the Cubs? Really? On purpose?
I don't blame anyone for leaving Florida, but...the North side?
I don't care if they fail to win the big trophy-they are already doing better than any Cubs team has in decades.
I was wrong to doubt Maddon, and I will cheer for the Cubs the rest of the way. Part of the fun of not having any 'Pay' TV such as cable or satellite is that I miss any ball games that aren't on network TV.
Such is life.
Go Cubs!