Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jinx, Like Karma, Are Less Than Vapor

Excuse, please- the Cubs...are doing all right. As in winning playoff games.
When Joe Maddon was announced as their skipper before this season...I doubted. I knew he was good, but I also know the Cubs. Manage the Cubs? Really? On purpose?
I don't blame anyone for leaving Florida, but...the North side?
I don't care if they fail to win the big trophy-they are already doing better than any Cubs team has in decades.
I was wrong to doubt Maddon, and I will cheer for the Cubs the rest of the way. Part of the fun of not having any 'Pay' TV such as cable or satellite is that I miss any ball games that aren't on network TV.
Such is life.
Go Cubs!

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Doug said...

About the title-karma and luck and jinx do not exist. Supposedly baseball players are superstitious and believe in such things. The Cubs have supposedly been 'cursed' from time to time.
Nope. I would point a finger at the ownership who have accepted mediocrity as the norm. That's why it surprised me that Maddon left Tampa to manage the Cubs-I wondered why they would spend so much money on a great manager when there were a lot of cheaper options out there.
Ah well.