Saturday, October 25, 2014

Okay, Fine- A Political Post

Sharpen your tongues, peoples. I am about to dip my toe into the cesspool of America:
Politics/Election 2014.
It's a good thing that the Bible states that my (self) righteousness is as filthy rags (compared to the righteousness of Christ) because I wouldn't want to wear fine clothings for this expedition.  Filthy rags for a filthy job. I'm going to need two showers later.
First let me echo the wisdom of Rush Hudson...Limbaugh in case you missed it on his program or website:
A protest vote against the Democrats doesn't mean that the country is embracing Conservatism.
It may be a landslide against Democrats in 11 days, but that might have more to do with the Obama administration making worse the lives of voters.
If you could tally as Republican every vote of someone who:
     Lost their healthcare insurance.
     Kept their insurance but saw premiums skyrocket and coverage shrink.
     Lost their job due to the bad economy.
     Saw their taxes increase.
You would probably see a Democrats buried in a landslide of protest votes.
It would be a mistake to think that the country is becoming more conservative. People don't change their opinions so easily, and any opinion quickly changed may change back on a whim.
I'm more sanguine than melancholic, and face each difficulty, if not with a smile, at least with the courage that comes from having already come through so many fires/earthquakes/tsunamis/elections.
The only GOOD government will occur when Christ rules the world from Jerusalem. Until then...we make do with that we have. I will be voting the straight Republican ticket not because I have great love for the GOP. Mine is a protest vote against the other side.
One 'caveat lector': I am notoriously wrong about elections; I assumed that President Obama had no chance of winning, and doubled down by stating that he would be a one term President.
So I may have egg on my embarrassed face 12 days from now.
Luckily, I have learned to take my lumps as I do my successes: with a smile.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Future Of The Franchise

Watching football the other night and some kid got hurt; as they were carting him off the field the announcer said something like, "There goes the future of the franchise."
This got me to thinking about the pro life span:
Kid with talent becomes
Rookie pheenom becomes
Solid craftsman becomes
Valuable player becomes
Seasoned veteran becomes
Former pro becomes
This got me thinking about being a Christian-no surprise, right?
Right up front I admit that most Christians, in this country, at least, have never risen to the level of solid craftsman.
We mess up a lot, and squabble amongst ourselves more than is healthy. We fail more often than succeed.
It's not about us.
The Future of our Franchise is Jesus Christ.
I'm certain that one Day, God will 'catch us up' to Heaven.
Later, when we return to Earth with Christ, He will conquer the World while we watch.
He will do it all, and He will never be forgotten.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Simply Put...

The current wisdom coming from the alleged Leaders of our country doesn't seem very wise.
Ebola is the current CRISIS (Remember, kids-you can't spell CRISIS without ISIS!) first because the continent of Africa is a mess of conflicting nations who won't work together, and second because their inability to fight Ebola before it reached epidemic levels now threatens the rest of the world. Their mess has now landed on our doorstoop.
Here's some of MY current wisdom:
Those politicians running for re-election LOVE to talk about Ebola right now so as to not have to answer for the rest of their Ebola-like mess of failed governance, weeks before the election.
Reporter: Sir, the continued problems with Obamaca
Second reporter: Sir, ISIL or ISIS has been
One failed incumbent (who does not have an 'R' or 'I' after his name) has as his slogan "This is not the time for nation building overseas!"
Which we aren't doing, and which no one argues about...but which sounds like 'leadership' in a sound byte.
Ebola is indeed a horrible disease, and is now a crisis.
Don't look to our political Leaders for any solutions...or wisdom.
So...where IS wisdom? How do we learn and grow more capable of understanding/making sense of a senseless world?
You know my answer.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Progress To The...Egress? Yes!

Just yesterday I mentioned to someone as we were walking that 37 years ago this month I was in boot camp, such a puny little guy that as my platoon was marching, I had to run around them as a satellite, the idea being that I needed more exercise to get strong.
Picture above is from a few months after boot camp; I can tell because I lost the beard in my second year when I went to Culinary school.
No beard to beard to no beard, reddish blond hair to gray hair to less hair, and I'm no longer a little guy.  Like Missouri below Iowa...that's an understatement.
Never have had a broken bone, no hospital stays or much reason to grumble-physically I have been blessed with good health.
Though some would argue, mentally, emotionally I'm doing fine also.
I'm a double nickle guy, and, as Don McLean sang in "The Driedel"-we all slow down.
I recognize that I may suffer health issues common to my heritage as an aging human bean.
I see my older friends getting weaker, walking slower, saying more goodbyes than hellos...
but here's the thing.
We who belong to God know that we never walk alone-God is with us every moment, every mile. Whatever comes, and I mean Whatever...Praise God from Who all blessing flow.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Overview From Under

I think it might be good to post an overview-no fine details-of what has happened and what will happen.
God Created.
Sin came, corrupting Creation.
Satan foments sin.
God has a plan to redeem the corrupt Creation.
Jesus, God Himself, pays the price for sin, working Redemption.
God reaches down and redeems many.
God judges the world. Satan is imprisoned.
Jesus returns, rules the world.
After a time, Satan is loosed to face final judgement.
Lake of fire for Satan, his angels and all who are not redeemed by God.
World/Creation is purified by fire,
New Heaven and new earth.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

One Man's Poison

Let me quickly state that I see this ISIL murderer as an evil entity, a terrorist, a wrong headed, wrong lifed hater of all things good who should be opposed and brought to Justice.
I'm certain that most reading this blog would agree with me.
But here's the thing-we are judging HIM based on our morality-just as he is judging US by HIS.
He possibly believes that he is RIGHTEOUS, doing God's work, winning the world for Islam.
So...who is right?
If, as many do, you reject the idea that there is a moral God setting standards of right and wrong...then you have no right to judge anyone else regarding their morality.
Let's set aside this murderer for a moment or an eternity, and allow me to point up a different example.
If you believe that the abortion of humans is a morally correct (Not questioning its legality, so don't go there) and honorable enterprise, then quite possibly you believe that I am wrong to oppose abortion. You might be judging my morality by your own standards, and find me and my morality wanting or lacking.
Here's the thing-there is one God, Who has proclaimed what is morally right and what is morally wrong.
You and I and the murderer pictured above all live in His Creation.
Whatever our opinions or morals or life choices or sins...God is the only one whose opinion matters.
I could judge you until the cows come home and you wouldn't get your hair mussed-my judging has as little effect on you as your judging has on me.
But God?
"4“I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that have no more that they can do. 
5“But I will warn you whom to fear: fear the One who, after He has killed, has authority to cast into hell; yes, I tell you, fear Him!"