Thursday, October 16, 2014

Progress To The...Egress? Yes!

Just yesterday I mentioned to someone as we were walking that 37 years ago this month I was in boot camp, such a puny little guy that as my platoon was marching, I had to run around them as a satellite, the idea being that I needed more exercise to get strong.
Picture above is from a few months after boot camp; I can tell because I lost the beard in my second year when I went to Culinary school.
No beard to beard to no beard, reddish blond hair to gray hair to less hair, and I'm no longer a little guy.  Like Missouri below Iowa...that's an understatement.
Never have had a broken bone, no hospital stays or much reason to grumble-physically I have been blessed with good health.
Though some would argue, mentally, emotionally I'm doing fine also.
I'm a double nickle guy, and, as Don McLean sang in "The Driedel"-we all slow down.
I recognize that I may suffer health issues common to my heritage as an aging human bean.
I see my older friends getting weaker, walking slower, saying more goodbyes than hellos...
but here's the thing.
We who belong to God know that we never walk alone-God is with us every moment, every mile. Whatever comes, and I mean Whatever...Praise God from Who all blessing flow.

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