Sunday, October 19, 2014

Simply Put...

The current wisdom coming from the alleged Leaders of our country doesn't seem very wise.
Ebola is the current CRISIS (Remember, kids-you can't spell CRISIS without ISIS!) first because the continent of Africa is a mess of conflicting nations who won't work together, and second because their inability to fight Ebola before it reached epidemic levels now threatens the rest of the world. Their mess has now landed on our doorstoop.
Here's some of MY current wisdom:
Those politicians running for re-election LOVE to talk about Ebola right now so as to not have to answer for the rest of their Ebola-like mess of failed governance, weeks before the election.
Reporter: Sir, the continued problems with Obamaca
Second reporter: Sir, ISIL or ISIS has been
One failed incumbent (who does not have an 'R' or 'I' after his name) has as his slogan "This is not the time for nation building overseas!"
Which we aren't doing, and which no one argues about...but which sounds like 'leadership' in a sound byte.
Ebola is indeed a horrible disease, and is now a crisis.
Don't look to our political Leaders for any solutions...or wisdom.
So...where IS wisdom? How do we learn and grow more capable of understanding/making sense of a senseless world?
You know my answer.

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Doug said...

I don't consider this a political post-it's more about how both sides politically trying to get re-elected love having something other than their failed governance
to talk about on the campaign trail.
To be honest...I'd rather hear about Ebola than have to put up with the personal attack ads of politics right now.
No matter who wins/is elected/re-elected...the mud slinging stops in a few more weeks and those in power will continue to mess up the country while filling their pockets with money.
It's the way of the world.