Thursday, January 12, 2017

Everything You See's Not The Way It Seems

But everything you see's not the way it seems --
Tears that sing and joy shed tears.
You can take the wisdom of this world
And give it to the ones who think it all ends here.

Bruce Cockburn~"Hills Of Morning"

 Obviously, the dreaded Election 2016 is not over, will never be over for some people.
There's a cost, a very real cost to not letting go of the past.
You may think that you are standing strong, will never bend or break nor give ground on what you believe.
But while you are standing strong, the world keeps spinning, and the rest of humanity moves forward; you recede in their rear view mirrors until just a speck, and then gone.
A year from now those still listening politely to your screeds against the reality that President Trump is in power will be unmoved by your emotion. Because they're past that point, are no longer where you are.
If you're wondering about the picture, my dear friend Kristina was chasing birds at Bristol Beach, Duluth, Minnesota.
I took the picture 16 years ago.
She's back in her home country, married, with a young son who's probably driving by now.
16 years from now, do you still want to be complaining about the 2016 election?
You can be happy. You can move forward. Join us.