Friday, October 10, 2014

Overview From Under

I think it might be good to post an overview-no fine details-of what has happened and what will happen.
God Created.
Sin came, corrupting Creation.
Satan foments sin.
God has a plan to redeem the corrupt Creation.
Jesus, God Himself, pays the price for sin, working Redemption.
God reaches down and redeems many.
God judges the world. Satan is imprisoned.
Jesus returns, rules the world.
After a time, Satan is loosed to face final judgement.
Lake of fire for Satan, his angels and all who are not redeemed by God.
World/Creation is purified by fire,
New Heaven and new earth.

1 comment:

Doug said...

Yah, I left out a lot, but that is basically the whole deal.
All 'cultural Christians' who do not know God, but were raised in churches...lake of fire.
All adherents of false religions...lake of fire.
All undeserving people, sinners who are redeemed by God...Heaven.