Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Future Of The Franchise

Watching football the other night and some kid got hurt; as they were carting him off the field the announcer said something like, "There goes the future of the franchise."
This got me to thinking about the pro life span:
Kid with talent becomes
Rookie pheenom becomes
Solid craftsman becomes
Valuable player becomes
Seasoned veteran becomes
Former pro becomes
This got me thinking about being a Christian-no surprise, right?
Right up front I admit that most Christians, in this country, at least, have never risen to the level of solid craftsman.
We mess up a lot, and squabble amongst ourselves more than is healthy. We fail more often than succeed.
It's not about us.
The Future of our Franchise is Jesus Christ.
I'm certain that one Day, God will 'catch us up' to Heaven.
Later, when we return to Earth with Christ, He will conquer the World while we watch.
He will do it all, and He will never be forgotten.

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Doug said...

May God Bless you today.