Wednesday, July 13, 2011

He Sure Can Give A Great Speech!

The other night I'm watching a History series on the Hitler and the Third Reich. Wow. I had forgotten how BELOVED Hitler was by the German peoples. They tripped over the doorstep of fanaticism right as they came in. He bought their allegiance with a few well-thundered points:
1: They were the greatest people in the world!
2: Everything wrong is the fault of the Jews!
3: They would rule with him over everyone else...FOREVER!

YES, WE CAN go overboard in fanaticism much as the German peoples did. They were as human (and as wrong) as the Arab nuttyboys and girls who decry Israel today, tossing bombs and venom at Jews simply because they exist. The nutties have been sold on the idea that LIFE would be much better for all involved if Jews didn't. Exist. 
I've mentioned it before-this hatred of Jews is spiritual-they (and Christians) are representative of God who is the actual object of the world's hatred. They can't find Him so they beat up on us.

Back to the failed artist. Hitler was a very unhappy man who acted out his unhappiness on the world stage.
Satan can always find unhappy people to promote.
Once upon a time, Alph made a speech and signed a law that:
Jews were no longer citizens of Germany.
That to marry a Jew or to have sexual relations with a Jew were both crimes.
According to the series I was watching, 30% of the funding of the German war effort came from seized Jewish properties.  

If you are wondering about the picture at the top:
Hitler claimed that the Jews had gotten rich at Germany's expense, so it wasn't only religious bigotry but also class warfare that Hitler was promoting.
He demanded that the German auto industry (taken over by the government) create a "people's car" which the common German could afford.
Of course, the very first Volkswagens went to the Nazi party member elite, but there it is. 
Hitler came to power when Germany was suffering a decimated economy still trying to rebuild from WWI.
Today, we are looking out over a weakened global economy-someone following in Hitler's goosestepping footsteps might come to prominence by declaring that: "We are the greatest people in the world! Nothing we do wrong is our fault! Those darned Jews (or Christians. Or Brits. Or Norwegians) got rich at our expense and it's time for some payback! We will RULE!"
Nope. God rules. And all the wannabes Satan enthrones are thrown down. Honest Adolph.

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Doug said...

Long time sufferers at this site might remember that I've mentioned from time to time working for a guy who was a Hitler admirererer. He got into trouble for hosting Hitler birthday parties, and was sued by a Jewish worker for bigotry. I can tell you that he had a six foot tall photograph of Adolph stuck in one of his buildings-I would see it every time I went in there to work.
I never saw the "Hitler was right" bumperstickers that, along with the birthday parties, caused him to be fined by the powers that be in Vegas-the Nevada gaming commission-but they existed.
Whenever I see Obama bumperstickers now I laugh. They aren't as prevalent as they were a few years ago-I assume many have been taken off out of shame for aligning with such a poor President. Time will tell.