Monday, June 25, 2012

World Can't Wait 2012

With heightened anticipation, the entire country is waiting to find out what the outcome of Obamacare will be, as decided by the Supremes.
Opinion seems to be running towards the outcome of Obamacare being deemed unconstitutional.
There have been warnings against Republicans not to "spike the ball" and thus be penalized in November for
an unbecoming end zone dance.
 I'm Baptist-we're not allowed to dance anyway. (joke)
If Obamacare is abolished, I won't be jumping up and down cheering-I will remain cautious until the entire mess is done away with and we can rest assured that "Taxegeddon" won't be hitting in January 2013.
Here's an idea-rather than Government attempting to micromanage every grain of sand on the beach (metaphor for the economy) let each succeeding wave carry the sand where it will. The Economy is too varied and divergent to be controlled by any ONE. Let the market decide prices and the rule of supply and demand will work out the rising and falling of the markets as it has for thousands of years. Guess what?
Healthcare becomes affordable. Life becomes affordable. People get back to work as the economy grows in strength. People discover that they don't need Government to control their lives from cradle to grave (which has never worked anywhere).
Life becomes happier.
I won't be spiking any ball. But I do look forward to the Romney Admin undoing as much of the damage perpetrated by the Obama Admin in the name of 'fairness'. Unfair to everybody is not fair.

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