Thursday, June 21, 2012


"I shall not want." There's a good reason why the 23rd Psalm is so loved, so well known even amongst those who are not of God's flock: it speaks of trusting in a Good Shepherd Who looks after us in all of our moments in Life.
Good and bad. From now until the final then. Even when circumstance crop up which might cause us to not trust in God...He is there, and all will be all right.
Long time readers of FDW may remember my use of the Lithuanian term, "Viskas bus gerai" which means exactly that: 'All will be fine'.
Some Wit in the past suggested that the reason God causes His children to travel such bumpy roads is so that they remember to call home once in a while.
In a way, this entire world is the valley of the shadow of death. I will fear no evil.
Viskas bus gerai.

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Doug said...

Today I was reading both Psalms 37 and 73, which kind of bookend each other. They are wonderful, but not as well known as the 23rd Psalm.
I mentioned in the post about it being a favorite even of those who are not of His flock.
I've heard it repeated at many funerals.
It's like a totem, native magic-"If we speak this over his grave, our great hope is that God will accept this poor soul."
Not how it works. No one is "saved" after death; if someone wants nothing to do with God in this life, God returns the disfavor.
Conversely, a child of God, one of His sheep, is as secure in this world as if he or she were already walking in Heaven. Make no mistake-this isn't Heaven yet, and brutal, tough times can erupt at any millisecond.
They won't last. They just make Heaven all the sweeter by comparison.