Saturday, June 09, 2012

The Bigger Than Big Biggest Picture

Not really a political post, but please, keep reading.
I was watching Baseball tonight-the only game I was getting was Mets/Yankees and the wrong team won.
But it got me to thinking about Jazz.
And Broadway. And musicians playing in front of audiences, each 'playing' a role.
Summer stock. Open mic. Back to Baseball.
We watch Baseball to see what happens, even though we know what is going to happen-it is indeed a game of anticipation, and the game of how/what happens when is the spice that we savor.
You can hear great music on your iPod or other device in the privacy of your own head...but to see a musical performance or a play, in person, playing your role as an audience, seeing the same lines sung/spoken in the moment in front of you-that is also spice.
That New York game was interesting, exciting enough...but after the final out, after it is a done deal, it is no longer the same experience. 
Jazz. Performance art which 'plays' better in person than through recorded form.
That's not to say that recorded Jazz doesn't touch us in some way, but "Kind Of Blue" is the same, note for note, pause for pause, every time you listen to it.
The first time is magic. The second time is a memory of how it was magic. We are blessed with poor memories which allow us to 'forget' something only to revisit it later and see/ hear it again with freshness. It's probably been 4 years since I listened to "Kind Of Blue"; I'm about due.
Yeah, I do touch on politics, what with the Baseball season one third over-it doesn't matter who wins in November.
As a Christian, I read in the Bible about God being in control of all events that take place on earth-Scripture tells us that God raises up world leaders and casts them down.
God, for His own unknowable purposes put President Obama in the White House.
He may have him re-elected. He may intend for our economy to be destroyed-it isn't as if we are such a God honoring people that He can't help Himself, that He just HAS to Bless us! We are stinkers and worse, and the Bible lists many examples of populations who did not survive because they did not honor God. Flood, anyone?
We are blessed with poor memories which allow us to 'forget' something only to revisit it later and see/ hear it again with freshness.
 We are cursed with poor memories which allow us to 'forget' something only to revisit it later and see/ hear it again with freshness. Fresh ignorance. Fresh insolence. Fresh contempt.
If you think that your wisdom is the sum of your knowledge that you have deposited in your brain cells...congrats-you're ancestors 300 years ago operated on the same idea, though their wisdom confirmed that man cannot fly. Which he can't. Without an airplane.
Far afield. The bigger than big biggest picture is that while we live daily, acting and reacting to our daily life events, God is working.
Watch a ball game. Knock on doors for a cause. Volunteer to put an Obama or Romney sign in your yard.
It doesn't matter-God will raise up the leader He wills for our country, and I wouldn't presume to assume that we have a vote on what He should decide. Whoever sits in the Oval Office, God is in His Heaven and all is right with the world...eventually.

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Doug said...

I hope to get to a 'real' baseball game this Summer, possibly even MLB.
If I dig through my photo archive, I can find pictures from different games, and remember in part what happened, but they are as gone from relevancy as last weeks box scores.
Until such time, I will watch and enjoy games on TV, shows and stuff which make up our daily.
The political buzz this week was about B. Obama having joined a 'third party' Socialist group back in 1996 which had as it's platform most of what President Obama has attempted since taking office.
It doesn't matter.
That he was a part of a Socialist group won't cost him a single Democratic vote, and he wasn't going to get many Republican votes anyway, so no big deal.
I was listening to a sermon by John MacArthur the other night about Joseph, sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, brought as a slave into Egypt, raised to be in charge of all of Pharaoh's kingdom.
Daniel had much the same deal, slavery to Babylon, raised to place
of authority.
Even Mordecai.
God blesses whom He will. When the people of Israel acted properly, He would give them a good king and peace. When they (like us) were stinkers, they got wars and bad kings, which would lead to a contrite and humbled Israel which would then get a good king, etc.
I'm not seeing a lot of humility yet in this country. We may be in for some BAD times; whatever comes, I trust in God.