Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Scripturally Precise Return Of Random Thoughts Tuesday On Thursday

Oh, my head. It isn't quite dizzy, but I could stand a few months of contemplative quiet away from the political geek show. I'm not even watching/listening to the politics yet, and somehow it bleeds into my indifference and gives me a case of the fearful anticipatories. I KNOW it is going to get nasty before peacequiet returns.
A friend lent me a great book by Dr. Charles Stanley which is helping to keep the politics in perspective.
I've been hearing warnings about POMO for awhile now, that post-modern thinking is somehow muddying the consciousness of people (more than usual) so that there is no basis for truth anymore-what I believe is as valid as what you believe which can be the opposite of what she or he believes-that nothing is solid, truth is a metal liquid like Mercury, able to shift in whichever direction it is tilted.
Nah. Truth is God's truth. What He says is the bedrock on which everything stands, even if the post modern world wants to wish Him and His moral laws away. They will be brought to their knees, humbled with the rest of us who already know God. Read Zechariah and Isaiah. Ouch for them, blessing for us.
I don't have hope in Man to do anything more than continually mess up worser and ungooder. We are Devo!
But God is Good, and Patient, and Kind. Tesed.

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Doug said...

The Scripturally precise part of the post regards the fact (not my fact or your fact, but THE fact) that God's Word is not a thing of personal interpretation.
When it says, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes on Him should not perish" it doesn't mean anything but that. It can't mean one thing to me, and to you be interpreted to mean that there are other Saviors, other ways to God. It means what it means.
There are some POMO false teachers who declare that God doesn't mean what He has clearly stated.
They are in error, and if the never come to know God, they will be in Hell.
I'd rather Hell be empty and Heaven full, but it is what it is.