Monday, February 06, 2012

Laff Clownz, Laff

Robert Benchley was a quipper. He wrote funny (no-he wasn't right handed) meaning that his had the gift of stating things in a humorous way-well enough to build a career out of laughter.
Possibly this is a stone that I shouldn't pick up, as I do have the word 'Wit' in the title here, but I think that what passes for humor this century doesn't pass mustard. See?
I will admit to publishing a few jokes here and there through this blog, but I'm not a humorist, and I don't always think I'm funny. Smelling.
Here's the thing-it has become de' regular to mock, smear, lie about and lambaste those who do not share your opinion on an issue-political, religious, race, etc.
Saturday Night Live mocked Gingrich the other night, Bill Maher mocked Romney's religion (shock, right?),
and a thousand trolls on a million blogs daily ridicule anything of importance coming from the Right side of the planet.
Christians in particular are noted as targets of scorn and hatred. I'm not complaining-it comes with the territory (Heaven). If we DARE make a statement about Sin on a non-Christian blog the Athei-gnostitx lose their collective cool and start with the verbal tar and feathers. And they often think they are funny.
Before you chuckle at the next cartoon/quip which reaffirms your prejudices...think about why the joker/quip-to-zoo-ologist is attempting to make you laugh. To lighten your heart with an amusement? Or to firmly entrench you in his or her or it's mindset?
Agenda comedy fails the stink test.
Get wise, guys.

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