Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Arret Lent Sleeve Vou Plaid

Won't need Babelfish to discern the meaning of the title of this lil' post-to be clear:
Drop Lent.
Of course, if you are of a religious persuasion that grooves on Lent and all, please, stop reading and go light a candle for me or something.
But those of us within the camp of Born again Christianity (shame that we have to specify that)...no Shroving Tuesdays, no giving up this or that on the assumption that God has called you to get Lenten. Don't get all Maundy, either.
Why not, Doug? Why the prude 'tude regarding Lent?
Same reason I stopped celebrating Christmas. We within the camp shouldn't be taking our spiritual cues/calendar from those OUTSIDE the camp. If they want to get Lenten, fine-still a free country. Pagans do as pagans do, and always feel that the Lent is due.
But We aren't pagans.
Nor Easter, either; instead simply celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. If you think that that IS what Easter is about, go light that candle.

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Doug said...

If I seem harsh-reality is harsh.