Saturday, March 07, 2015

Transcendent Techs Part Deuce

This post strikes closer to the intent. Scotch-hop a link of this picture to your youngsters, texting explanation: the object in the forefront is a "BOOK", with no
'e-' or 'i-' prefix. Totally Analog. RAM-Random Access Memory accomplished by opening the "BOOK" to different pages collected in sub-folders referred to as Stories and Chapters.
This particular book was printed in 1882, 133 years ago. Transcendent tech-today's date
right next to it is applied automatically by my camera. We read both.
A few days ago I achieved surviving the anniversary of my life beginning (according to the ACLU): my birthday. It was very nice, and the crochet scarf behind the book was a gift from a dear friend. She and her husband invited me over for dinner, and it all made the birthday anniversary exceptional.
I show off the lovely scarf here as example of ancient technology still in use/warming us today. glasses. Those of us with impaired vision only have clarity due to glasses prescribed to our exact visual needs. The ancients-Caesar, Pontius Pilate, King Henry the Eighth, Don Cervantes...may have had good and interesting lives, but accepted a 'blurry world' as Reality.
OUR REALITY is clearer than theirs, and those of us impaired appreciate what we have.
Try walking around your house without your glasses for awhile, and you might appreciate it all more.
Transcendent Techs-we live in a melange of cultures/techs from all eras. Cool.


James Bradshaw said...

Just out of curiosity, what happened to your fellow blogger "Rand" of AFormOfSoundWords? He used to blog religiously (pardon the pun) ... but not so much lately.

Of course, he tended to not allow any comments through that were anything but 100% agreement with his theology, so perhaps he got bored with talking to himself ... I don't know.

Doug said...

Hello James-I hadn't checked on Rand in a while, and now it's been 10 months since he blogged?
No idea. I daresay he is doing fine, taking his lumps as the world doles them out, just like the rest of us.

Lucia said...

In any era people live in a melange of cultures and technologies from all (current and previous) eras, although the faster the communications technology the faster the melange.

By the way, crochet seems to be fairly young as textile arts go, being possibly five or six hundred years old; knitting is somewhat older. But no one knows who invented the spindle where or when. It was known in the Bible and in ancient Egypt. The next time you use a piece of string, think about your prehistoric foreparent who invented a tool to spin it. (In medieval Europe knitting was an exclusively male pursuit. Who knows but that spinning was too, once upon a time?)

Doug said...

Note to both James and Lucia-"Rand" has been spotted on Facebook under his actual name. If you know it, and are Facebookers, go for it.
If you don't know it, I'll leave it for Rand to just be Rand. I think he must have checked my name on FB to see if I am who i R.