Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Fixed points At Right Angles

It has been brought to me afresh that there are only two 'families' in the world:
those which belong to God and those that belong to satan/the world.
Simplifying by image: imagine two escalators, one heading up and one heading down.
Some of those heading up call out to those on the down escalator:
"God can save you! You can come to Heaven with us! Cry out to God and He will save you!"
I said some, didn't I?
I wish I could say that all Christians evangelize. I wish I could say that about myself.
I have not done enough to reach the lost, those going to hell.
I'm ashamed of that, and I pray that God will forgive me.
You won't find many on the 'down elevator' evangelizing the saved, trying to get them to repent and join them in hell.
Because even the darkest heart knows what lies ahead. And wishes that things were different.
They can be different.
If God didn't love those that are on their way to hell, He would never have sent Christ to die
as their substitute.
If God didn't love those that are on their way to hell, Christians wouldn't be charged with sharing the Gospel-but they are and He does. Love.

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Doug said...

May God raise faith in your heart, a desire for Him and His Holiness.
A desire to be done with the wickedness you inhabit and which inhabits you.
Nothing is impossible with God.