Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fine Dry Political Whine

My friend Kevin suggested the title and I’m going with it!

What’s up with the rise in popularity of anti-Judaism among the (I want to say far) left? Read this article by Robert Goldberg, vice president of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, and you will be as dumbfounded as I was to read of the anti-Semitic sentiments of the Action Forum members.

"Mel Gibson's [anti-Semitic] erroneous, raging, and drunken words are closer to the true sentiments of most American democrats and other voters than it's governments, politicians, Jewish, and media's sterile support for Israel."
Eighty-seven percent of MoveOn members approved of this post. William Kristol has more to say here .

Want to hear something that is just strange? Scroll down to the heading regarding Bob Dylan and have a listen . Am I wrong or does not something seem amiss? Well, if you don’t think so, maybe you will after hearing what was said on Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour by steel player Kevin Moore, transcribed at YudelLine.

“When I look at the Bible, and they say, this is the book about God's word, I don't think God is that confusing. Why would God write such a confusing book? I think it's written by men, trying their best to interpret the word of God. Everything is the word of God, because we're all the product of God. I think God has showed up in many, many books, God has shown up in songs, God has shown up in a lot of places, so I think that the Bible gets too much credit for being the only word of God.”
Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

You know I’d never say that the left is on the side of the Jihadists. But I do think it's fair to say the Jihadists are very fond of the left, as they find many of their statements a la Fahrenheit 911 and various and sundry newsmakers of the left to be helpful in their efforts.

Did anyone else think that it was wrong when Democrat politicos made a veiled threat to pull ABC’s license if they dared to show The Path to 911 without censoring certain portions?
“The Communications Act of 1934 provides your network with a free broadcast license predicated on the fundamental understanding of your principle obligation to act as a trustee of the public airwaves in serving the public interest. Nowhere is this public interest obligation more apparent than in the duty of broadcasters to serve the civic needs of a democracy by promoting an open and accurate discussion of political ideas and events.”
As Mr. Victor David Hanson from Clear Politics said:
“When ABC cut portions of the most controversial segments before airing the film, there was no outcry from the American Civil Liberties Union that has so often and so loudly lectured us on the dangers not merely of government censorship, but of insidious self-censorship as a result of public pressures. Nor did the New York Times or the law faculty of Harvard University rush to the producers' defense, despite the long-held and self-acclaimed commitments of both to free speech and the First Amendment at nearly all costs...”
I hear you, Mr. Hanson.

Okay, enough whining! Have a lovely day.


Correction 09-15-06 I incorrectly stated that Mr. Robert Goldberg was chair of the UJC. He is, in fact, vice president of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest. Also Kevin Moore was just a steel player on the radio show, not Mr. Dylan's steel player. Thank you for correcting me, Mr. Yudelson.

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