Friday, December 15, 2006

The Muslims Are Attacking Our Free Speech

It’s here. Remember when we had the freedom to speak our mind without having our heads lopped off? Here in America we are supposed to enjoy Freedom of Speech. You are allowed to disagree with someone else, even your own government, without fear of being silenced.
My friend Vilmar over at Right Wing Howler has been silenced. His ISP took his website off-line because CAIR-the Council for American Islamic Relations-sent a letter complaining about his anti-Muslim exercise of Free Speech. When it disappeared I wrote to Vilmar, and he told me what happened-he doesn’t know when or if he will get back online. I warned months ago that Fine Dry Wit might disappear someday because of this type of censorship, and now it’s happened to someone I know.
Do you get this? Do you understand that this is a serious attack on Free Speech? One activist group has effectively silenced someone who spoke out against them. A group which defines itself as a propagator of interaction, a go between for relations between cultures. CAIR. Council for American Islamic Relations.
It seems as if the only relationship they are looking to bring about is their foot on our necks.

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