Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Harbinger of Hoot

Today is just dandy. If this is a good day for you, full of promise and happy moments, that is extremely cool. Sun shining, maybe a cool breeze moving around, just enough to make the day perfect.
Someone smiles at you, waves as you are passing by, not because they know you, but their day is so good, they can’t help but wave at everybody. So you start waving also. Wonderful!
Before you start thinking that Doug has lost his precious little mind, here’s the point:
The best day of your life here will be dank, dark and empty of any joy, compared to Heaven. There, every ‘day’ is the best day of your life. And do you know what would make Heaven more Heavenly? If you are there. I admit it: I would love to see Heaven overpopulated. We were created to Glorify God; that is our purpose, our reason for existence, our joy in the imperfect Present, and our full Joy in our Future, when we move into the places which Jesus went to prepare for us. God so loved.

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