Monday, July 09, 2007

I’m more Concerned About Global Warring

I have enjoyed the workplace absurdities of Dilbert for years-the ‘corporate cluelessness’ satired by Scott Adams is funny because it is often true. I’ve worked for ‘PHB’s’ in my time, though the company I’m with now is pretty solid.
Workplace absurdities pale beside Social Absurdities, such as the “Live Earth” global concerts of the past weekend. In true Dilbert-speak, I heard the concerts announced as being “FOR Global Warming” instead of “Bringing to the world’s attention the problem OF Global Warming.” Yeah, Rock stars maxing out a decade of ‘carbon offsets’ to preach against wanton energy consumption which they think is destroying our environment. The Live Earth concert albums are available on iTunes…what does the money collected go for? Carbon offsets? Another billion trees used up for “Live Earth-the Coffeetable Book”? Or would we be funding more ‘research’ to validate the bogus findings already trumpeted by former vice President Gore?
Live Earth didn’t achieve much-with 15 billion couples deciding to get married on 07-07-07, not a lot of people had time for the vanity scolding of Al Gore’s Live Earth.

I recycle, I try to conserve energy, I don’t litter. I see that as doing my part to make the world better. Here are a few helpful hints which can help save your personal environment:
1. If you live in a house or apartment or mansion, and you like hot water, help your heating/electric bill by doing this. Determine where your water heater is (mine is directly below the bathroom) and get in the habit of washing your hands in the sink closest to your water heater. My kitchen is further away; if I wash my hands there, it takes longer to get hot water, and, more importantly, the water left in the pipes cools quickly…so I use more energy and waste the heat.

2.This one is common-place bricks or a gallon jug in the toilet tank to offset the amount of water needed to flush the toilet. It can save water-I used to do this in Las Vegas, where water is a premium. I tried to do it here, but my family complained because they had to hold the handle down for an extra two seconds. Oh, the inhumanity. So I put it back to normal.

3. If possible, walk. All my years in Las Vegas I never had a car-I walked to work, to the grocery, wherever I wanted. I can’t do that now, as I’m a country boy, but as Hank Jr. says, “A Country Boy Can Survive”.

And so can all of us-but only by the Grace of God, not Gore. Accept no substitutes.

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