Monday, July 05, 2010

Summer Fly Trakai Mist

Summer. Summer Fly (great song by Hayley Westenra). Trakai-a faraway I've noted here before, the Lithuanian castle island resort. Mist. We are as mist, here for a moment and then not.
Life is extremely transitory, and it only seems like a long time.
Yesterday I saw a baby 3 weeks old. The little guy will be running around in a few short years, immortal as all children are. Then, God willing, he will grow up and live a long life, but the actual number of days and years is immaterial-mist.
Where we go when we step off this doorstep of life is up to God. We either step into His Kingdom or are told, "Depart from me; I never knew you."
He has already chosen us (and you) for eternity-we only find out about the where while here.
I would prefer to go to heaven Now, while I am still young, than wait for the frailty of age to overtake me...but all whens belong to God. I'll be here until He calls me home, whether it's next week or 60 years from now when I'll be 111. Sooner bestest. If ever this blog goes dark, it will mean that I have gone Light. See you on the other side?

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Anonymous said...

Fine night for a big cup of quiet.
Back to work Tuesday-yay!