Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Anchor Rancor

Even in photographs he slides to the Left.
I was just thinking about President Obama's support for "Occupy Wall Street". He was the first to so 'occupy' the Street by way of corporate 'bailouts' and the 'taking over' of car companies. He set the CEO pay for companies tangled in his web at $500,000.00. Half a million dollars compensation.
Do the sidewalk geeks of OWS remember that? That the President who is praising their efforts thought that half a million dollars per year for CEOs was fair?
I bring this up because of a recent reminder as to the inart of failed argument:
People arguing facts against people arguing emotions is a waste of time. There is no middle. The people arguing from the emotions (in this case OWS) don't care about the facts. Those arguing from the facts (or truth/reality/the real deal/me) will be unmoved by emotional arguments. Both sides will be better served by not arguing.
Looking ahead, the misshambles of the Left's attempt to 'fix' healthcare (which you will never hear a whisper about until after the election) is being taken apart by courts deeming parts of "The Plan" unconstitutional.
The Left has expended so much political capital and MONEY to make this happen, with nothing to show for all of their efforts (hopefully) that they have lost the American public. It was never about healthcare and reining in costs. It was always about Control, and the American people kinda like thinking for themselves.
President Obama, in my opinion, will not carry 10 states in 2012. Every policy of his which has been implemented hurts America. Jimmy Carter must be cackling from the grave. (I know he's still alive, sorta)

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