Saturday, December 17, 2011

Homme Brulant

Coincidence? I have, to the right of the page, a promo still showing Cary Grant, Kate H. and Baby, and "Bringing Up Baby" was on TV tonight. As the Dallas Cowboys seem to be playing some high school team, probably on a bet, I've been catching up on the "Crimedy" known as "Castle". And what do I see? A Medical Examiner trying to eat his lunch, interrupted by detectives.
Aaaaannnnddddd my mind reminds me of where I've seen this particular dynamic before: the Philo Vance movies of the early 1930's, with both Warren William and Basil Rathbone (!) as Vance. That Medical Examiner was always fussing about detectives not letting him finish a meal. Coincidence? I think not-I think that the writers/showrunners of "Castle" have done their homework. To remain fresh and new sometimes you have to study the old.
Another example: Pyromaniacs, the Team Pyro blog, weekly posts a blog entry "from" Charles Spurgeon.
It is always thoughtful and wise and classic Spurgeon.
I doubt that I will ever be quoted at all, and here is Charles Haddon with a weekly column 119 years after his advancement to the Front Office.
No. His work is durable and endurable. His words are as fresh as if he were still in the pulpit today.
I wouldn't ever say that these posts are terribly hard for me to write-I am full of ideas, and, when I can juke left and elude my better judgement for a few steps, I will often dash away and put ideas in a blog post.
Spurgeon seemed incapable of missteps or faulty logic/ideas in his writing. He was GOOD.
He was also a man who had studied Scripture his entire life, who preached only from the Word.

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Doug said...

Creative license:
Burning man = Spurgeon on Team Pyro blog. In French to throw off the "Net Cops" who will soon be enabled to censor anything on the Internet that they deem 'dangerous'.
Sopa sounds legit, but I mistrust the government, period. I doubt, from a lifetime of past experience, that the government will color within the lines and play nice if given any sort of power over the Internet.
The heart is deceitful above all things, and, as it is mere men running governments, I know their black hearts will lead them to abuse power online, just as they do off line.
China censors it's portion of the internet. Iran does the same.
We have Freedom of Speech, and the greatest conduit of speech in the world we will entrust to the whim of Government?