Friday, November 28, 2014

Forget Your Black Friday For A Few

Neat Interweb stuff: Listen to the world!
The ISS passes so quickly around the world that you can hear radio from a new country every few minutes. Kind of cool, and about as free as can be found.
I celebrated Black Friday by working close to 11 hours. Rather than SAVING Money...I was making it.
Listening to music from Saudi Arabia right now. Coolness.
Yah, we're coming into the"Christmas Season" and I feel, again, that this is a weird worldly
attempt to co-opt Religion for a few weeks until New Year's Eve when the focus is once more back on the world's stuff.
Why do pagans celebrate Jesus Christ? If they do not believe in Him, they are celebrating the birth and life of the Person who will judge them. As in sending them to hell.
If they 'kinda' believe in Him as a good moral teacher or still makes no sense.
People who make very clear that they do not appreciate Christianity will put up a tree and buy presents and decorate their homes.
They will have a big dinner on Christmas Day and might even say Grace.
It is a crazy world.
Ponorogo, Indonesia-a news station, and I can't understand a word.
S'okay. You might not understand me, either.


Doug said...

Who should celebrate Christ?
Christians-we do so every day of our lives.

Lucia said...

Nearly every culture has some sort of celebration around the winter solstice, to gather with family and friends, to feast and make merry, to give thanks that, if nothing else, the days will now stop getting shorter. Trees have nothing to do with Jesus, they have to do with staying green and surviving the winter.

Christmas falls on December 25 because ancient Roman Christians aligned it with Saturnalia, hoping that the authorities wouldn't notice that they were celebrating something else.

As for wretched commercial excess, I agree with you, but don't you conservative types believe every business has a sacred right, nay, duty, to make as much money as possible by whatever legal means necessary?

So let everyone celebrate according to their own tastes and customs, and don't be such a grouch.

Doug said...

Hi Lucia-in the spirit of Christmas I won't argue history with you.
But since you like history, look up what the Puritans thought of Christmas. I'm with them.
I don't begrudge anyone making money-I like the green stuff myself, and enjoy living in a house and all of that.
My point was that it seems an unusual choice for people who want nothing to do with Jesus Christ to celebrate His birth. But, each to his or her own turnips, I guess.
Last year I even decorated my house...sorta. I have an actual sleigh bell which we kids dug up 50 some years ago when we moved to a farm. My sister has three to my one, but there you go.

Lucia said...

Knowing what history I do, I don't look to the Puritans for moral guidance.

I think we're back to the philosophy of language again: you and I and the average person on the street mean different things by the same word, Christmas. Actually I prefer Yule, but most people don't know there's a difference, so it's easier to say Christmas.

Doug said...

Yule be sorry if you don't wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
Yule log too many hours online shopping for the holiday if you don't start at Amazon dot commmm.
In Norway it's "Jule" so Jule be dreaming of a White Christmas.
I'd better stop now.