Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fall Up

This is one of my photographs that needs a bit of explaining. I like it. Rather than taking the usual Autumn photos of leaves on the ground, or of trees that have turned gold, I took my camera under the trees and pointed up. In this we see the leaves from their underside, the less colorful side, but we also have the shadows of leaves above leaves, sort of mixing together the ghosts of leaves with those still alive. Alive for the moment, as they soon will be all on the ground, casting no shadows.
It’s been said that someone is fully human, not through strengths, as few are strong, but weakness, as at times all of us are weak. I’ve been faced with this in the past few days; I was weak, exhausted from working so much. Eventually the spirit that wanted to continue had to give in to the body which had had enough.
And so I’ve rested. If one were to look at my life from beneath, see the less colorful side, view me in my weakness rather than when I am strong, they would have a better idea of the real me, and not just the person I want the world to think I am. The real me is weak, a sinner, saved by the Grace of God. Every day is a Gift from God, and if it were my turn to fall to the ground today, casting no more shadows, I am grateful, thankful for every preceding day. And looking forward to being done with days, living eternally with my God.

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