Thursday, October 27, 2005

Harriet Miers Nominated -- WITHDRAWN

Harriet Miers? What? Maybe it's strategery? (Originally posted Oct 3)

Update: IF this link works, it might be reassuring.

Update 2: Is it possible that a lot of the noise being offered now against the candidate is bias because she is an evangelical Christian?

Update 3: Okay. That's over. Now what? I personally think she would have been a constructionist. Now we have to start all over. In the meantime, I hope O'Connor doesn't have any important cases come before her. I think we have had enough constitutional "expansion."
"Because cases coming before the SCOTUS in the near future include some crucial decisions --including an abortion rights blockbuster that will be argued in late November-- it is very important to get a nominee for whom hearings can be scheduled immediately."Hugh Hewitt
I am in agreement with Hugh Hewitt that conservatives have by their unfair treatment of Ms. Miers, set themselves up for calls of hypocrisy for the future nomination, when they appear willing to accept the absence of or presence of paper trail of a certain type for the next candidate, or whatever the sticking point, which they were unwilling to do with Ms. Miers.


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