Saturday, November 26, 2005

French Echoes or Get A Grip, part 2

While France and other parts of Europe burned in the weeks before Thanksgiving, some Americans no doubt scoffed and thought they had it coming. Although to anyone with one eye, one ear, and half a brain it was obvious that people were rioting, French authorities referred to it as unrest, presumably so as not to instigate more of the same. Well, there was some unrest in Oakland, California Thanksgiving night. A dozen black youths dressed in suits, white collar shirts, wearing bow ties entered a liquor store, terrorized the clerks, and smashed up the place to the tune of thousands of dollars. They repeatedly ordered the clerks to not sell liquor to blacks and Muslims in the neighborhood.

Still not satisfied they had done all they could to eradicate sin from their community, they proceeded to another liquor store where they engaged in similar terrorist behavior. The full story is here, thanks to Shawn Wasson.

The MSM is, of course, downplaying it even though surveillance video of the entire incident is available. Videos, including the story as originally broadcast on KRON-TV in San Francisco, can be found here.

A complete and unembedded (unattached to a story) video is here.

Is this a sign of things to come? Could it be that those who wish to bring jihad to this country have taken lessons from those in Europe and elsewhere? We'll never know unless people demand that the media stop its posturing as unbiased observers and cease using the language of political correctness. If you don't know what I mean by that compare the coverage of Kamou Kambon and that of Pat Robertson. Kambon called for the extermination of the white race whereas Robertson suggested that the U.S. might have a plan to assassinate Hugo Chavez and should probably do it. I'll leave you to guess which received the most coverage.

Make no mistake, those who vandalized these liquor stores are terrorists in all respects save one, they killed no one...yet. Otherwise, they are no different than those who blow up pizza parlors, hotels, discoteques, and buses. They are no different than the Nazi brown shirts who terrorized German Jews and others in the 1930's. They are no different from the Chechenyan terrorists who murdered more than 150 school children along with some 200 others in Beslan. The MSM will not make such comparisons, calling them hyperbole, war-mongering, hate speech and they are wrong. If these had been men wearing white sheets. Would the media have remained so silent?

If the light of truth had been shined on Germany in the 1930's perhaps the ensuing world war could have been avoided or at least contained. If the light of truth exposes this for what it is, pure religiously and racially motivated terrorism, perhaps it can be stamped out before it becomes truly dangerous and widespread.

It's time to wake up America! Stop casting blame on the victims and put it where it belongs, on those who see themselves as agents of a greater good even if it means engaging in great evil to acheive it.

Nuda Veritas

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