Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Random Thoughts Tuesday

I’m sitting in front of the wrong computer for this time of night-I should be sitting at my work computer, but here I am at home, attempting to get over the cold that has knocked me sillier the past few days. I’ve been looking back over the posts, and I noticed that we haven’t had a ‘fun’ post since le’s last Quizilla. Yes, the world is kind of harsh right now, and there’s a lot going on...but I don’t want my Joy to be hindered by giving in to the ‘doom and gloom’ bad news found all over the World.
Years ago I started a ‘good news scrapbook’-only good news items would be saved. I didn’t keep it up for very long, but I found it the other day when cleaning and it made me smile. One of the items was of Shirley Temple Black being the Grand Marshall for the 100th Tournament of Roses parade. She is standing in front of a picture of herself at about age 5, when she held the same honor. No one can watch a Shirley Temple movie and not smile. She charmed the world, and her films were instrumental in bringing an end to the Great Depression-it’s been said that Shirley kept people smiling and singing her songs, single-handedly buoying up the Nation when it was going through dark times. If you want to smile, find some of her movies and be charmed again.
Besides the movies she made as a small child, there is one movie from her teen years which is a joy, thanks to Shirley and also thanks to the excellent Myrna Loy, and Cary Grant, playing what can only be a ‘Cary Grant role’-
“The Batchelor and the Bobbysoxer”. It is pure lighthearted fun, and just mentioning it makes me want to go put it in the machine and watch it again. You don’t even need a synopsis-Shirley, Cary and Myrna are reason enough to seek it out. Time to pop some popcorn.

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