Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No, Really!

Here I am. Just this morning I was reading a post at La Shawn Barber’s Corner which asks, “Am I addicted to the Internet?”
I said to my self, “Of course not-I can shut down and stay away anytime I like.” Yeah...
I did so a few months ago, took three days off, where I didn’t go online at all, except to charge my iPod, which opens iTunes automatically. Okay, I only made it 2.5 days, and maybe, if not addicted, I’m a habitual ‘netter who may someday have a problem. I am not online right now. Really. I am working on a family project. My Aunt had sent me a DVD made by a distant cousin, who had taken old family photos and made photo montages set to music. It was great to see new pictures of my Dad as a young boy, see family members whom I’d only heard of, including pictures of my great great grandfather, who was born in 1865 and was sort of a pioneer. On the DVD he was a child in one tintype, and in other pictures a big heavy man, who reportedly had a 72 inch waist. Not a family characteristic that has been passed down-I can’t imagine being that big.
I made two copies of the DVD for my Aunt to give to her girls, and am adding a cd of old family pictures which I have from my Grandfather that she may pass on to Tom, the one who created the DVD.
That’s what I’m doing while I’m not internetting, Really.
The internet may connect people digitally, but sometimes it allows access into your life for those whom you don’t want to connect with. I have a friend who has created a ‘myspace’ place to get word out about her music ministry. Myspace has been noted as a site where sexual predators try to hook up with children or innocent people such as my friend, so I hope that she doesn’t get any undesirable ‘friends’ on her list. There are evil people out there. If someone pesters me online by sending emails I’m not interested in reading, I mark them as spam, and eventually that person’s email’s quit showing up. At least, I hope so.
Maybe we should all take a few days off from the net to remind us of what life was like before we were ‘connected’.

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