Saturday, November 11, 2006

Every Day

The Day For True Veterans

There are many fine tributes to our Veterans out there today, remembering those who have sacrificed and fought to keep our Nation whole and safe. Allan has a fine tribute in the Nudas Veritas folder: click the second picture, hear the song and watch the video.
Another tribute which honors out Veterans is found at:
I was a peace-time veteran, but still was proud to serve. My nephew in law is a Marine in his second enlistment. Yesterday was the ’Birthday” for the US Marines, and I’m sure that he and his buddies celebrated.
And that’s at the heart of it all: We celebrate Life and honor Death, honor those who sacrificed so that we may live free. I Praise God for our Military, all branches, every member. Tomorrow in church they will ask all Veterans to stand, and we are honored to accept those thanks, that appreciation. Veterans Day can last all year long in our hearts.

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