Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well, this has been an interesting few days. I don’t want to write about my conflict with Rand, but I also don’t want to just go merrily along, pretending that there is no conflict, or that it hasn’t affected me.
I feel sad for Rand, but the sadness is tempered by the knowledge that God does not leave us where we were or where we are- though we may not see the progress, the Holy Spirit is working to conform us to the image of Christ, all of us who are called by God. And sometimes that means rubbing the rust off our halos. Meaning that we can get proud about the silliest things, and God knows that our correct attitude is humility, bowing down before Him. God has humbled me every time I get a big head, and He does the same for each of us.
The Gospel message is that God loves us enough to send His own son to die in our place, to be the only acceptable sacrifice for our sins.
We are called to share the Gospel, however God gives opportunity, in season and out. If we are indeed led by God, as the Bible makes evident on every page, we are to edify, build up the body of Christ by encouraging each other, lifting each other up in prayer…and by correcting a brother who seems to be getting off track.
Which brings us back to the current conflict. It does not edify the body of Christ for one believer to scorn, disparage, insult the efforts of other believers, to judge those efforts as lacking in comparison to our own.
That’s just pride talking, and pride is sin.
What I asked Rand to do was to humble himself before God, repent of his pride, and I feel that is going to happen, not because Rand is a good guy (which he is), but because God will not be thwarted in any work, including the conforming of us to the image of Christ.
The immediate response is, “Doug, aren’t YOU guilty of judging Rand’s works?” and the answer is yes.
Absolutely. But with one major difference-I was willing to just let it go, let Rand do his thing, but God wouldn’t let me. God nudged me to confront Rand on this. And I did so, knowing that the response from Rand would be that I was attacking him, instead of trying to help.
Peter had kind words for Paul, even after being confronted by him-may God continue to work in each of our lives to His Glory.

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