Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Peanut Butter Baked Potato

How foolish is the concept of "Discovery".
It's as if the world doesn't become real for any of us until we have experienced it.
"I found this little coffee shop down on Bay Street-you have to try their Mocha!"
"I never knew how dirty a country ________ was until I visited-trash all over the place."

Every momentous and mimentous "Discovery" in our lives God has seen from the beginning of His Creation. While we are basing our lives on our own extremely limited experiences, God, if He chose to, could tell us the number of pebbles sitting in a pool of liquid on a mountaintop on Alpha Centauri. Of course, He would use the name He gave Alpha Centauri, not the man made moniker.
Rather than trust in my own abilities (which, along with life itself are gifts from God) strengths and weaknesses (more gifts), I trust in the God Who created me, created us.
Who do we look to in this world for Wisdom? Wizened old heads passing on their life experiences.
And they could be wrong-dead wrong.
Instead, 'discover' for yourself the wisdom of God, found in His Word. The deeper you look, the more you ask of the Holy Spirit to illuminate the scriptures, the humbler you should become. Which brings you to the greatest discovery of all : That God loves you, and has a place for you in His Creation.


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