Friday, September 28, 2007

Don't Go there

Here’s my Dad in front of the Ghost House. I’m heading in to see him at the hospital in a few minutes; his knee replacement surgery went fine.
It isn’t really known as the Ghost House; I was being dramatic. The house was built by my Dad’s grandfather, and there have been reports of ‘spooky’ activity going back 70 some years. My Dad was born (at home) right next door to this house back in 1930. No one lives in the Ghost House now, and it will be torn down next year; the present owners, cousins to my Dad, want nothing to do with it.
Here’s my take on it all: leave it alone. God commands us to not have anything to do with spiritism, sorcery, witchcraft, astrology, demonology, idolatry, etc. for our own good.
I’ve had experiences, and I shun them. It might be cool to stay in the Ghost House overnight, but I know that, even though it might be exciting, it would be wrong. Daniel describes some of the spiritual battles going on in his day, King Saul broke his own law and went to see a conjurer, Jesus delivered many people from possession by demons-it is very clear throughout the Bible that we are to stay away from the occult. I don’t fear demons, but I know better than to unwittingly trespass onto the spiritual battlefield we’ve been warned away from.
Boo! Who? You? Shoo!

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