Friday, September 07, 2007

This Way To The Egress

“This Way To The Egress”, of course, is the sign made famous by P.T. Barnum. Humanity’s Circus spans from left to right, here to there and back; it isn’t merely the Greatest Show On Earth, it is THE Show on Earth. And our tickets aren’t Golden, good forever and a day. Eventually we all make our way to the egress, and then, for us, Humanity’s Circus is over.
I hope that you will think about this, friends. Any Christian who has made you angry, failed you, made you want to turn away from God…and I’m talking about myself here…that (this) Christian will stand in judgment for every dishonorable word he has spoken. However you may judge me, I have a greater Judge who knows every careless word I’ve ever said. I know that I have upset many people in my life, not just online. Of course, many people have also upset me; friends have failed me, family have turned against me; it’s all part of the Big Top, Humanity’s Circus.
If I have made enemies instead of friends, I am sorry. But there’s a distinction which needs to be considered.
If anyone has been upset with me because of my general obnoxiousness, rudeness, etc. I regret that.
But…if someone is upset by my belief in God, my theology, how I exercise my faith in Jesus Christ-sorry, but I’m not sorry about that.
Here’s an example which should clarify what I’m saying. And I’m only using this example because it seems to be one of the most offensive stumbling blocks:
Homosexuality. If I call it sinful and wrong simply on my own authority, due to my own heterosexual prejudices, my word/opinion means nothing, and can be rejected out of hand. I have no authority.
However…if God calls homosexuality sin, then I’m stuck. Do I listen to God or those who think He has no problem with homosexuality? In order for anyone to believe that, they must ignore God’s Word, reject God.
And that makes a wall, a separation between us. Because I cannot ignore or reject God’s Word. Even if it upsets your worldview. Even if it makes you my enemy instead of a friend.
By the way, if anyone thinks that I’m simply trying to justify my prejudices by wrapping them in Scripture…not guilty. I encourage any of you out there who think I’m wrong to show me my error in Scripture. If you don’t know the Bible well enough to prove me wrong, consider asking God to open the Scriptures for you-you’d be surprised what can happen when you do that. I will never claim authority that isn’t mine, but I will point to God’s authority as being the only Authority by which to live while enduring Humanity’s Big Top Extravaganza.

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