Saturday, May 03, 2008

True Unity

“Suddenly, North Carolina Is Facing Tighter Race”
By Jeff Zeleny and Jodi Kantor, NY Times

“Advisers to Mr. Obama concede he lost support among some white voters in the wake of the storm surrounding Mr. Wright. Since then, the campaign has sought to increase its appeal to white voters. At Mr. Obama’s first stop in the state on Friday, a rally in Charlotte, most seats in the Cricket Arena were filled with black supporters. Yet many of the seats directly behind Mr. Obama — in the view of news cameras — were filled by white supporters.”

Oh my. “Back of the bus, gentleman-ladies, please. Move to the back of the bus.”
This is right in line with my last post about Hillary Clinton, where I placed the iconic rifle in the background to show how she is tough. When she won her most recent Primary, during her rah rah speech a young man was in camera view behind her wearing boxing gloves.
Obama’s message seems to be: “I know I have the Black vote, but I need to show that white people support me, too.”
Image is everything when you’re running for election. That’s why you see the meet and greets at small town diners, babies held and kissed, bourbon shots with beer chasers (Hil Clinton only).
A candidate has to be so careful-Dukakis in the tank, Kerry in the bunny suit; one wrong image can tilt a populace away from you, send them right into the arms of a competitor who hadn’t messed up. Yet.
The image scientists peer down their microscopes at every detail, push poll every tie tac and haircut…and still misfire.
In 2004 the Democratic Convention was ‘in Kerry’s hands’. As if he was calling the shots, making the decisions, showing leadership skills. All smoke and no mirror, as his running mate was hogging all of the mirrors. Remember John Edwards? As Hillary said in Texas about Obama: “All hat, no cattle.”
(I was going to reference Obama and Edwards as “All The Young Dudes”, but I figure that no remembers “Mott The Hoople”. Watch out, Dennis Miller!)
Getting back to the front of the bus, I’m sure that Obama has plenty of support among all races-but filling the seats in view of the news cameras with white people seems…racist. Seems to support the idea that our skin matters more than our personal character. That those white Obamacrats were valued for their flesh tones. I can’t imagine that that was well received by the more numerous black supporters in the audience.
Obama will win the nomination soon-I’m just guessing, but I think Clinton is planning on making such a fuss in Denver, demanding this and screaming about that…that the DNC will placate her by giving her the Vice Presidency. First Lady to VP may not be as Big a splash, but it would still be a historic first. If they were to win as a team, I think it would be wise of Obama to hire a food taster.
Rest assured that I rest, assured that whoever rules in Washington, we know Who rules from Heaven. Have a great day, all.

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