Monday, April 28, 2008

No Apostrophe’

I don’t usually have too much trouble stringing sentences together (quality varies), but I’m kind of stuck right now, so simplest is best.
Le has withdrawn from Fine Dry Wit; actually she did so awhile ago, but I’ve been dragging my feet about mentioning it, and taking her picture down. All things pass, and she knows I wish her all the best that God has for her. We became friends at Michael’s site, and that is forever. I look forward to meeting her and Allan in Heaven, where we can laugh about the good old days.
They both have contributed greatly to FDW, and I greatly appreciate that we’ve had fun and honored God through our little soapbox on the web. The friendships made and conversations enjoyed have far outweighed a few unseemly events. It’s been a pleasure, and now, I have a choice to consider:
‘Blogging’ has become passé. We never have had much traffic, but it used to be much busier than it is now. Even the Facebooks and MySpace pages, which ‘stole the thunder’ away from Blogging have in turn become quieter, as whatever is coming next supersedes them.
Michael and Lachen, two of our blogging buddies, have stopped updating their sites; I know Michael is busy with his business. God knows how Lachen is doing-she had some health concerns; she is a sweetheart, and I pray that God will continue to Bless her and her family.
My point is…do I continue to run FDW? Is there any interest, or has this blog run it’s course, and should it be retired?
I have a friend who has encouraged me to ‘sign up’ for a few “Christian Facebook/MySpace” sites, which, if I did join, could result in more traffic, links back to FDW. I’ve avoided vanity sites, even Christian ones, as I’ve never been interested in ‘networking’ my personal life. I like my privacy, and don’t care to ‘put myself out there’ except in this forum, the written word. To be honest, my personal life would make one boring Myspace page.
But it might spark interest, bring traffic to FDW. I don’t know. So I’m opening it up, seeking counsel. If anyone wants to comment on whether or not I should continue FDW, please add your 2 cents.
To le and Allan-thank you both for being a part of FDW-you’ve made it better, and may God Bless you and your families.

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