Friday, April 04, 2008

I Guess It's Random Thoughts Friday

Isn’t it great that the Democrats have decided to extend “April Fool’s Day” all the way to November 2nd?

This is hardly a political post-I’m already ready to vote already; if we could be done with it all tomorrow, I’d be happier than Bill Clinton at St Alphonzo’s Pancake Breakfast (where he stole the margarine).
We are still waiting for our federally funded bribe, the 2008 version of “a chicken in every pot.” Why is it that the only issue which receives bi-partisan support has to do with the redistribution of wealth?
I will take the $600.00 which the gummint is forcing upon me. They’ve (often) done worse things than give me money. They could really impress me by allowing the economy to sort itself out, rather than Congress getting involved. Congress is how we got our “housing mess” in the first place, and the more croo…excuse me, the more ‘Cooks’ that get involved, the more the broth spoils. They should leave bad enough alone.
As I said, this isn’t really a political post. The happiest man in the nation is George Bush, who knows that he has less than a year left in office. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he has one of those “Bush Countdown” calendars hanging up somewhere. He’s a good man, and has done great service to our country.
I haven’t always agreed with him, but he single-handedly kept us from having to say “President Gore” or ”President Kerry”. Thank you, Mr. President.
“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”
I don’t worry. I wish I could say that I never worry, but that would be a lie. But generally, I remember this verse and dozens of others sprinkled throughout the Bible which tell me that I needn’t worry about anything at all.
So if someone whom I disagree with politically wins the White House, (probability has climbed to 100%) I’m still fine. I will render unto whichever Caesar we end up with that which belongs to Caesar. But my King is in Heaven, and will be returning soon to this earth, putting an end to the tyranny of fools AND politics. Can I get an Amen?
AMEN! Even so, come Lord Jesus!

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